Fly The Little Skies

I had occasion to fly through Trenton’s airport, and don’t you go mocking the choices in my life that had me flying into Trenton on business now. It was the smallest airport I’d ever flown through, and that’s including airports that only exist in simulator games on my iPad. It was so cutely tiny I wanted to pick it up and carry it home with me, and it would fit, too, in my backpack. It was small enough that its official three-letter airport designation only had two letters. All the signs in it were sans serif because they couldn’t fit the words otherwise. It’s the first airport I’ve ever been in that’s half its own size. It’s a good thing I wanted an economy car from the car rental or the parking lot might have capsized.

I’m sincerely delighted with the airport.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “Fly The Little Skies”

  1. *chuckles* Good stuff. It has that flow of Johnny Carson “How small was it?”, but that’s a compliment.


  2. From the airport’s website: “Once you pass through the security checkpoint, there are no bathrooms available.” Well, that certainly makes me want to book a trip out of Trenton. Just not later this year while airline service will be canceled for two months so they can repave the runway. (I am, of course, not making this up.)


    1. It is true there’s no bathrooms through the security checkpoint, but there’s barely a room past the security checkpoint. There’s just a couple dozen seats and the gate attendant shouting to make herself heard over everyone.

      Mind you, there are bathrooms on both the other two levels.

      Also on the airport’s web site — and I encourage people to check in case they doubt me — is a mention of famous people who’ve used the Trenton airport, such as Al Gore and Shania Twain.


      1. If there’s more than one level, it’s bigger than HVN, which is also adorably tiny. I think their ‘past the security checkpoint’ means ‘on the tarmac’. I’d never thought there would be airports about that make Waco Regional (ACT) look big, but man.


        1. The passenger-accessible areas don’t cover the whole floors of two of the floors, but that still sounds magnificent.

          I was amazed they were able to load an Airbus 319, considering the passenger space available.


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