Koko the Clown: Koko’s Earth Control

For today I’d like to bring attention to the Fleischer brother’s Koko the Clown cartoon Koko’s Earth Control, which is a pretty good candidate for the title of Most Fleischer-iest Fleischer cartoon. The premise is there in the title: Koko and his dog find the Earth Control, with the dials and levers and all that to control whether it’s day or night, whether it’s raining, whether the world is to come to an end …

Yeah, about that. If I were in charge of the Earth Control, I’d have some kind of lock in place on the lever to end the world, but then, sensible workplace safety regulations would make a lot of cartoons less interesting. So the cartoon turns to a series of spot gags about everything going horribly, crazily wrong, in surreal and sometimes disturbing ways. It’s well-paced, it includes the live action in a pretty good fashion, and if it hasn’t quite got an ending, well, how would you end the world?

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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