Dream World Tips: Brushes With Rock Fame

Have you ever had to put together one of those movies-in-the-park thing, where they set up a screen and a projector and sometime after the summer dusk sets in you show the kind of movie that attracts flocks of kids who take time out from their normal activities to run up to the projector and fiddle with the buttons? According to the crafty movies-in-the-park manager in my recent dream, that’s just fine. You have to set up an actual projector that handles the movie, and then put up a dummy right prominently in the middle where anybody can get at it. This one isn’t hooked up to anything, but if the film has any irregular things to it at all — like in the good old days of actual reels where there might be a momentary cut or something — it’s all right because the kids will figure their fiddling with the buttons caused the jump cut.

Apparently the crafty movies-in-the-park learned this trick from the years he spent organizing the shows for REO Speedwagon, who apparently couldn’t keep their hands off buttons either. This is almost certainly the closest brush with musical fame I’ve had in my own dreams, but I should point out that in the dreams of someone very close to me, I was doing pretty well with Russell Mael of Sparks.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Dream World Tips: Brushes With Rock Fame”

  1. Does it mean anything to dream about dreaming? Not knowing you are in a dream, but your actual dream is yourself waking up, remembering things that happened when your dream self was asleep and dreaming.


    1. Oh, dreaming about dreaming is the second-best, because it means your sleep counts for double the normal time.

      Best-best is if you dream about dreaming about dreaming because then you have quadruple time. You know that thing where you go to bed exhausted beyond all reason, and you get up after about five hours and feel like you were just born? You were probably dreaming about dreaming for four of those hours. And for, like, two of those you were dreaming about dreaming about dreaming. So you get the quality of being asleep for fifteen hours. It’s unbeatable.

      No one has ever dreamed about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming and lived to tell about it.


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