Statistics Saturday: What Average People Think Are Rodents Versus What Biologists Think Are Rodents

Animals That Average People Think Are Rodents Animals That Biologists Think Are Rodents
Rats, mice Many things popularly called rats or mice
Squirrels Squirrels, chipmunks
Rabbits Guinea pigs, if you aren’t at least a little bit suspicious of their front paws having four toes while their back have only three. And how they give birth to cubs fully-furred, with open eyes that see perfectly well. Oh, and they get scurvy. If you don’t feel unease about calling something with that slate of anomalies a rodent, fine, guinea pigs are rodents.
Skunks, ferrets, otters Capybaras, if we absolutely have to name something else.
Baby raccoons OK, and we’ll give you beavers. Did we say squirrels already?

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

8 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: What Average People Think Are Rodents Versus What Biologists Think Are Rodents”

    1. I take a very open-minded view of what can go in the garden, but I don’t rely on it for much more than color and things our pet rabbit can eat anyway. I’m perpetually frustrating my love by admitting that I have no idea what kind of plant this thing is.


  1. I’ve had people insist that “rodent” is the same thing as “vermin,” and have thus called stray cats “rodents.” Which is pretty hilarious.

    Oh, but porcupines totally are rodents. Also hamsters.


    1. Ah, but porcupines — at least the New World porcupines — are part of the same superfamily as guinea pigs, and when the guinea pig gets tossed out of the Rodents, the porcupines are going to be dragged along with them. Trust me on this.


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