Statistics Saturday: What I Should Be Thinking About Versus What I Am

Things I Should Be Thinking About Things I Am Thinking About
How can I keep that Visual Studio issue from happening again? That guy on TrekBBS is right: Spock was killed by the first guy to play Mr Roarke on Fantasy Island and Kirk was killed by the second guy to play Mr Roarke. (Remember they did that remake of Fantasy Island a couple years ago? No? Well, that’s fair enough. I didn’t see it either.) That’s kind of a neat coincidence.
What blog entries can I get ahead of on writing?
That whole field of mathematics I studied and want to do useful work in, that’d be nice to think about sometimes.
How could a saucepan just go missing from the stove and never appear again anywhere in the whole house?

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: What I Should Be Thinking About Versus What I Am”

  1. I think the “missing” saucepan definitely warrants more attention. This is the most practical item on your list … was it a non-stick pan that was old, got scratched and someone else tossed it out? Is it possible you have multiple personalities that have a rough time keeping up with each other?

    And how about that suspicious bunny in your house? Could he (he, right?) have anything to do with the pan’s absence?

    Just some more thoughts to add to your mind’s collection …


    1. It’s a little old and worn, but certainly wouldn’t have been thrown out. We use it for soup or ramen just about every day, especially in the winter.

      Our rabbit is a potential source of trouble, but I don’t know anything he (and it is he) might have against the saucepan. He doesn’t even take food heated up, most of the time, and he’s too big to fit in it but too small to wear it as a hat, so there’s not much he should have to do with it.

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