I got an e-mail that purported to be from my credit card company, warning me of suspicious-looking charges on my card. But an e-mail saying to click this link if the charges look suspicious? I suspected it, of course. The phone number to call didn’t match the number on the back of my card for reporting suspicious activity, either.

So what could I do? I told the credit card company that it looked like someone was sending out phishing mails and they might want to take whatever ineffective steps against that there are to take.

And a couple hours later they wrote back saying that they had gotten what looked like an e-mail from me claiming there was suspicious e-mail activity from them, and they were suspicious, so they wanted to verify whether I was actually sending out letters like that.

I feel like there ought to be some way to break this standoff but also that I’ll never live long enough to know what it is.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Suspicion”

  1. I thought the policy of banks and credit card companies was not to use emails. Any time I have suspicious charges on any of my cards, the bank immediately turns the card off and then I have to call them to either verify the charge, along with verifying it is me calling or begin the process of denying the charge and having them investigate it, which takes about 30 days and then they take the charge off.


    1. The fact it was e-mail was exactly why I was so suspicious in the first place!

      I’m honestly delighted and curious how this is all going to pan out.

      (Fortunately, this is on the card that I never use, and that I just keep around in case I think some of the other cards aren’t living up to their potential productivity.)

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