The August Scraps

Here’s some stuff I cut out of, or otherwise couldn’t use, in posts in August. Please feel free to use any you like. Some of them are pretty sketchy, having never got out of a first draft, so you’ll probably want to clean them up first.

  • you maybe think my reading is eclectic to which I say “I didn’t notice that book about competitive fox-hurtling and other obscure sports before”
  • lemniscate orchestra
  • synonymicon for crying out loud now stop asking
  • three things that won’t
  • Well, (16 instances)
  • if there’s anything I have to hurry up and say
  • had no idea Bronies could happen in real life and not just the Internet
  • if we can’t use apostrophes correctly we just shouldn’t have them at all
  • very (38 times)
  • not to be an unnecessary haiku pedant
  • of course (28 pairs)
  • but it’s ridiculous to think the Enterprise could survive being licked by feral koi
  • woken by bunny sneezes
  • partially motorized CSV files (3 times, including two from work e-mails)
  • learning to forgive people who answer “what’s up” with “the ceiling” or “the sky” depending on whether they’re outside or inside
  • are all questions I cannot answer (4 instances)

Bon appétit! (2 instances)


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there.

6 thoughts on “The August Scraps”

    1. Oh, now, if I could do anything with these I would have. You don’t know the kind of terror that approaches these parts Wednesday nights as I realize I’ve got twenty hours for one of my major pieces to get imagined, written, edited, and even posted.

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