To Explain The Situation

I was going to be away from any computer most of this weekend, because I was busy with stuff that was’t the computer. And so I set a couple of posts to appear automatically, on schedule, which is why on Saturday night my time both the Statistics Saturday thermostats thing and then the S J Perelman “Nothing But The Tooth” article came up at once. When I found the mistake I rescheduled the Perelman piece, of course, and it disappeared and then reappeared a day later. That second time around didn’t get announced on Twitter.

And I just knew that the “Insights” statistics panel that WordPress posts, which sows how many posts were put up each day, would conclude Saturday was a two-posts thing and Sunday a zero-posts day. I was wrong; Insights figures it was all one-day posts, except for this time back in March which was nothing of the sort. I have no explanation for this.

However, I do want to explain the misdated posting of the Perelman piece. I choose to lay blame on AT&T. Their DSL service may not have anything to do with my entering the wrong date on when these posts should have been scheduled, but their DSL service is pretty awful, and if they’re not going to be ashamed of that, they should be ashamed of something, anything.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “To Explain The Situation”

  1. Bad ISPs may be a worldwide issue. Mine just emailed me today to say the wrong billing and notices threatening me with penalties for cancelling my phone – when I havent – are due to automated glitches at their end which their IT team can neither understand or fix. Honest of them, but astonishing! It will be interesting to see if they are still in business in six months.


    1. It’s really fantastic how bad ISPs are worldwide. It puts me in mind of the observation about telephone companies from the 1967 film The President’s Analyst, except that back then they meant that movie as satire.

      Your problem’s intriguing, though. It’s at least got the spectacle of systems gone horribly wrong. Mine just has the problem that AT&T does not want to serve our city, and is trying not to admit that publicly for some reason.

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