Statistics October: A Month I Will Never Have Again, Unlike All The Others

So, October. That was a month of readership I’m surely never going to have again. I know that’s because of the end of Apartment 3-G. That’s so even if the strip escapes cancellation. If it picks up a new writer and artist, the strip can’t possibly be so baffling as to send hundreds of people over to find out what might be going on. I’ll just have to write something else people want to read.

But for October — ah, what a month. There were 2,204 page views in October, the first time I’ve broken two thousand in a month. September’s record of 1,687 looks petty by comparison, and the 1,251 of last December is nothing. The number of visitors was a record, also: 1,242 unique visitors in October. That’s the first time I broke a thousand. September sent a mere 888 people baffled by Frank Bolle and Margaret Shulock my way. July had sent 669.

For all that, the number of likes dwindled, to 279. That’s trivially less than September’s 281. It continues the downward trend that started in March, though. I don’t know. Maybe I need to advertise my best stuff around here more. Comments are stumbling upwards a little: there were 65 in October, up from 56 in September and 44 in August.

When I say that Apartment 3-G is driving my readership I do not exaggerate at all. As best I can make out, 763 of the page views in October were my various efforts to explain what was going on in Apartment 3-G. That’s scattered over many pages, yes, but still. I want the comic strip to be good, but, oh is that a nice bunch of readers. Non-3-G traffic is a healthy-looking 1,441 page views, but I’m sure many of them were attracted by the featureless void Margo finds herself in.

So what’s been most popular around here the past month? Bundling together all the Apartment 3-G content as one, we have:

  1. Nothing Is Happening In Apartment 3-G, a soon-to-stop-ongoing series.
  2. Statistics Saturday: What We Found In The New 2015 Penny which by the way got 329 page views, ridiculously enough.
  3. Statistics Saturday: Why I’m Always Running Late. Plus: Apartment 3-G News? which, yeah, has that 3-G effect, but I think also struck people as true to their lives too.
  4. Why I’m Not In A Good Mood (Kinda Icky Edition) and I should say I’m feeling quite better now, thank, and I appreciate the good wishes.
  5. Mark Twain: Awful, Terrible Medieval Romance
    and I don’t know, maybe it was assigned in school or something?

The United States sent me more readers than any other country, as usual: 1,791. Canada sent me 116, the first time I think I’ve had that many from there in one month. Australia sent 38, the United Kingdom 35, and Germany 29. India gave me eight page views, though Singapore only two.

Single-reader countries this month were Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Honduras, Jordan, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, and Slovenia. The repeats from September were Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Slovenia. Nobody’s on a three-month streak.

The search terms were almost all what you would expect: apartment 3-g and what happened to apartment 3-g and apartment 3g comic cancelled and mencken bathtub hoax (I hope everybody enjoyed reading that, by the way) and william costello gus the gorilla (that’s a Betty Boop search) and charles boyce compu-toon. I suppose I could try explaining baffling installments of Compu-Toon, but people aren’t nearly so emotionally invested in that. And mostly when I don’t get a Compu-Toon there’s nothing I can do to sort it out. Apartment 3-G I can at least read over and work out just what plot points really were established to exist.

Oh, yeah, I know I hit the “put stuff in silly orders” fairly often, but one of the search terms bringing folks here was what month follows november alphabetically so I am glad to be of some use to somebody.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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