Caption This: Ray Walston Doing Things

Before we get to the main stuff. My mathematics blog? I had a couple more comic strips to talk about yesterday. Yes, one of them is Barney Google. I think you might enjoy it anyway. A lot of cartoonists did jokes about gambling last week, for some reason. Now:

Ray Walston pours a drink from a pyramidal glass into a shorter square-cylinder glass.
In this thrilling episode of Star Trek: Voyager, Ray Walston acts all cranky and asks why he has to talk to Neelix. I’m guessing.

Ray Walston Character: “Humans. Humans think of themselves as the supreme beings of their universe, the masters of their destiny — if not now, then at least, as beings who will be someday masters of their destiny. And yet as you explore the universe, its great potentials, its vast failures, its diversity of form and thought and expression, you come to a realization. The fatal flaw of the species, my friends, one I imagine that will never be overcome, is that humans are quite mediocre at discerning whether very different shapes enclose approximately equal volumes.”

Go ahead, top me with a better caption. I can take it, I’ll pretend.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Caption This: Ray Walston Doing Things”

  1. Uncle Martin:”I remember once an Andorian walked all over my Starfleet Acadamy flower bed.I looked up at him and said ‘Nice horns, BlueSkin!’He got all annoyed and said ‘Those are my antennae .” And I activated these little beauties and said “Those aren’t antennae, THESE are antennae! ” Then some Vulcan came by and said ‘Actually, those are all antennae’ and muttered something under his breath about Martians being as illogical as humans.”


    1. Won’t lie: I would have expected the Vulcan to say that, speaking precisely, some of them are vibrissae.

      Also won’t lie: as a kid I so wanted My Favorite Martian-style retractable antennas and I still kind of do.


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