What To Call People Without Getting Them Necessarily Angry

My love and I were talking in the car about what to call people from various states, because our podcasts were out of fresh episodes. You know, like, “Michigander” for people from Michigan, or “Marylander only the emphasis sounds weird” for people from Maryland. We knew better than to try calling people from Massachusetts anything. And we’re pretty sure that we could call people from Maine “Mainers”, since they don’t see much reason to speak to us anyway.

Still, our shared interest in the old-fashioned hobby of remembering stuff failed us for a couple of states. For example, we can’t figure out a good term for people from Connecticut, although that doesn’t matter much since we couldn’t afford to even drive through the state, much less talk about anybody in it. New Hampshire, though, and Arkansas are giving us trouble and we’re just going to have to insist that people from those states move out in order that we don’t have to have a term to describe folks from that state. New Hampshire already has what seems like a perfectly functional backup in Vermont. Arkansas I don’t know so well. I’ll trust them to figure out where to go. They’ve probably got their section of the United States pretty well figured out, apart from the adjectives.

PS: I topped out at 957 page views, from 458 visitors, yesterday. I knew I should’ve logged out and hit refresh just 43 more times.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “What To Call People Without Getting Them Necessarily Angry”

  1. The term is “Connecticutians”, but no one uses it. “Nutmeggers” is our equivalent of “Hoosiers” or “Sooners”, but no one outside the state knows that. Except the Rhodian Islandese, but they’re not really outside the state. We quietly annexed it in 1872, but no one had the heart to tell them.


        1. What gets used the most, to be honest, is ‘Connecticut Resident”. We know it’s unwieldy, but Connecticutians is formally right, and then Nutmeggers.


    1. I was thinking Nutmeg Staters might be a workable name, except that it seemed so close to Bay Staters one state over that it seemed suspicious. Also I’m never really positive that the Nutmeg State isn’t Vermont instead. I know Constitution Staters was right out.


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