In Which Jay Leno Haunts Me

From the paid advertising lists at a bottom of an AV Club article recently:

*Three* ads for Jay Leno's '7 Most Amazing', '7 Favorite', or '5 Favorite' cars. Plus '3 Cheetahs Do Something Very Unusual With This Impala'.
I’m assuming that’s Jay Leno’s 1961 Impala Sports Coupe the cheetahs are messing with and they should knock that off.

So, if I look out my window, am I going to see Jay Leno standing on the lawn, waving at me and asking if I want to see five or seven or even eight of his cool cars? Is that what he’s doing with his time now? Or is he waiting by the side door for when I take the recyclables out? Why is it so important to him that I talk to him about his cars? Oh good grief, is that it? He’s paying money to the AV Club advertising servers so I’ll befriend him? I don’t need that kind of pressure. Who does?

Meanwhile, over in my mathematics blog there’s some more comic strip talk, so I’d appreciate your reading that. Thank you.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

5 thoughts on “In Which Jay Leno Haunts Me”

    1. I confess I don’t remember. At a guess it was probably something amusingly odd, like they all gathered around to way over-interpret the then-latest trailer for Zootopia or something like that. Maybe discuss whether it was time to start complaining about The Force Awakens or if they should still like it yet.


        1. Yes, that’s one I would click on happily.

          I bet they did something like go back to their smallish hometowns outside the big city and open theater troupes. That seems like their speed.


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