Statistics February: And What They Are And/Or Were

And now to review my readership statistics for February 2016. They should be a touch better than those of February 2012, what with this blog not existing back then.

So the key statistic: 1,107. That’s down from 1,211, and from 1,593, and from 4,528. That’s the number of page views the last several months. I would characterize this as recovering from the Apartment 3-G death throes. This is back to just below what the readership was in July and August of 2015. And let’s not forget, February was a much shorter month than July and August. If we prorate the daily average to a 31-day month that suggests 1225.6 readers. That last three-fifths of a reader would be someone just here for the pictures.

I know some of what I need to do is chat more on other people’s blogs and do some proper reblogging or posting more headsup. It’s just so hard what with that being kind of like human contact-ish and all. But it’s also the … what’s the word … decent thing to do. Fun and all that, even, once it’s done, which is probably enough reason to do it.

The number of unique visitors, says WordPress, dropped to 629, down from 645 in what WordPress calls janvier because that’s all it remembers from taking four years of French in high school, and 785 in decembre. That’s again getting back to pre-3-G-ocalypse levels. There were 178 likes in February, which is down a fair bit from January (272) and December (278) but maybe everybody was in a fowl mood. There were 52 comments, down from 66 but up from 40, because the number of comments obeys no known rules.

For the first time in months the top five posts of the month were not dominated by Nothing Is Happening In Apartment 3-G. It was only two of the top five posts. But I can still look over what was popular here, and it was dominated by … stuff … I … didn’t write. Okay. Often read in February were:

The United States sent me more readers than any other single country in February. It always is. 834 of my page views were for there. Second place went to Canada, with 47 page views. Then Germany with 34 and the United Kingdom with 27. Then we get into countries that don’t have English as a primary language, such as France, or that don’t have a language, such as Australia. Singapore sent me two viewers. India sent me four.

Single-viewer countries this time around were Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, China, Curaçao, El Salvador, Ethiopia, the European Union, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Moldova, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vietnam. The European Union isn’t a country. Ireland is the only one that was a single-viewer country last month and nobody’s on a three-month streak.

Among the search terms bringing people around here the past month were a lot of Apartment 3-G as ever. Among the intersting terms were “new penny 2015”, “celestial seasonings blackpool”, and “zippy the pinhead i promise not to invade new jersey”, along with “make a comics strip about cosette side by side with the stranger in the dark”.

The month starts with 32,541 page views in total and some 16,659 unique viewers. There are 639 people listed as following me on WordPress. If you’d like to, I’ve now figured out how to make sure there’s a little sticker at the upper left of the page to make it easy to follow on WordPress. There’s another button a bit below that to follow by e-mail, if that’s your fancy. Or by RSS, if that’s your other fancy. And I’m on Twitter, also, as @Nebusj, if you want to follow that too. Look, just find something and follow it. That’s all I ask.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there.

9 thoughts on “Statistics February: And What They Are And/Or Were”

  1. I read your posts via the e-mail subscription. Are those counted somewhere or am I just freeloading the content without leaving any statistical footprint? Should I click on a link here and there?

    Also, if you prorate February’s daily average to a 45- or 60-day month it would look even better.


    1. It’s a good question and I haven’t got any idea. Really most of the WordPress statistics are vague. They seem like they make sense until you try figuring out just what they’re measuring and how. Mostly I tell myself that my readership is some multiple of the numbers I have, and the trend matters more than the specific number.

      I’m willing to experiment with a February as long as 90 days, provided the weather holds up like it did this past month.


    1. Thanks to Google Translate, I can post in American;
      Like, wow! Flipped my bits when I saw those fab Feb stats go ballistic! But hey, seems that zing was all sping. Crashed & burned when I jettisoned the spam, man!


        1. Hm. I haven’t noticed any obvious spam issues. There’s the usual couple of thing in the WP Admin spam filter, but not so very many.

          What kind of troubles are you seeing? I didn’t think there was anything special about this theme’s mobile presentation. My mathematics blog uses a theme I know doesn’t translate well to mobile phones, but I didn’t think one (‘Truly Minimal’) had problems.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. The spam site showed up on my referral list, when I followed the link, half a dozen ‘ping-backs’ per visit. As I said, I binned it into the spam filter & now can’t remember the exact web address. It was a ‘mobile view’ emulator page. Did find a write up on it as being a recent (3/3/16) ‘sping’ site of note.


        3. That’s peculiar and I don’t know what to make of it. I’m sorry. I confess I’m ignorant of much of the ways that WordPress servers work, though. I’d be glad to take guidance from someone who knew better.

          Liked by 1 person

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