And Then I Lost My Chain Of Thought

All was well enough, and then New Scientist delivered this one:

'Wireless signal sent through meat fast enough to watch Netflix'
New Scientist article about wireless signals transmitted through meat.

And who can avoid the questions that raises? First one answered: it was the signal moving fast enough, not the meat. There is no particular limitation on Netflix wireless streaming that depends on how fast chunks of meat travel. And the people who did this worked up a reason to do this that sounds respectable, as if “rewatch Animaniacs with signals blasted through lumps of ground chuck” wasn’t enough reason. But the article just says it was fast enough to watch Netflix and doesn’t say what, if anything, anybody was watching through meat. Also, Animaniacs is a lot worse than you remember it being. You’d be shocked and a bit sad. Those jokes you thought were clever, smart things for adults that kids would never understand? They’re all “Wakko or Dot drags a celebrity on-screen for a second because something reminiscent of what the person’s celebrated for was mentioned, and the celebrity looks confused and blinks”. That’s it, all of them. Don’t go rewatching. Sorry.

Oh yeah, also, I did some more comic strips on my mathematics blog. It includes a Jumble puzzle. Jumble is about like you remember it being, so some things you can depend on yet.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Lost My Chain Of Thought”

  1. How fast can Netflix send the ABC cut of”Star Trek:The Motion Picture” through a piece of meat? How about Robert Wise’s Director’s cut? Does Walter Koenig still expload?


    1. If you’re trying to send Star Trek: The Motion Picture fast, you’re missing the whole point of the thing. It’s just to let wash over you, meat or not.

      I would legitimately like to know more about Ilia’s psychic healing powers but I suppose the only way to do that is read the novels and I gave that up a long while ago.


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