Primrose and Proper Society

So I’m thinking about the society of mannequins that comes to life when the department store closes for the night as documented in easily like four weird plotless cartoons from 1936 through 1938. Is it more prestigious there to be a more nearly fully human body? So that, like, mannequins with whole torsos and legs have an advantage, but not so much as those which also have faceless heads and hands spread out in no particular pattern? Or does it go the other way, in that maladaptive-glory way that like peacocks are prestigious because their tails are just such a big waste of energy that it shows they’re healthy they can carry on? So that, like, one of those jewelry-counter figures that’s just a bust and head would be able to lord it over the mere full-body figures showing off they can wear shorts and a T-shirt? And then maybe the whole of society would be ruled by the figure that’s locked under the glass counter and is just a hand showing off a ring? But! Would that just be the figurehead mannequin-society ruler, with most of the simulapeople never suspecting the real power behind the throne is the fabric-covered fake dog showing off those vest harnesses that let your dog be walked with less choking? In short, this is the sort of nonsense you should expect if you’re going to leave me alone with my thoughts like this.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “Primrose and Proper Society”

  1. My question is whether they are run by the Nestene Consciousness (and would that mean that the Brigadier gets to say ‘Sergeant Benton? That shop dummy. Give it nine rounds rapid will you’.)


    1. That’s a fine theory. I just don’t see how the Nestene Consciousness could fit itself within the little dog figure used to show off dog-walking technologies. I suppose there’s some savings on space since if a dog doesn’t look or move quite right who’s going to complain except other dogs, but still, there’s a lot less space to be in. Maybe it balances out, though. We’ll ahve to look at the details.

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