Caption This: The Man, Trapped

Spock writing on his Space Clipboard while Uhura looks on.
The High-Definition remastering from original film elements this episode got a couple years ago really makes the pile of yard sale Space Garbage in the background look alive.

Uhura: “Should you really be writing your fanfic on the bridge, Commander?”

Spock: “Should you really be peeking over my shoulder if you don’t want the jerkface aliens named for you, Lieutenant?”

Here’s some space for your own caption, if you prefer:

And, hey, more comic strips over on my mathematics blog. I mention the mysteries of three but fail to share Robert Benchley’s piece about the number. Too bad.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “Caption This: The Man, Trapped”

  1. “Lieutenant, although I am obliged to sign this by regulation, I cannot agree with your suggestion that this or, indeed, anything we do, will be important, still less talked about, in half a century.”


  2. Spock:”Im quite willing to proofread your manuscript of poetry and holographic snapshots, Lieutenant, but I fail to understand your title– ‘I Am Not M’ress’….have people been mistaking you for a furry Caitonian?”
    Uhura:”Not until the cartoon.”


    1. Oh, oh, now. Dumb argument I saw on TrekBBS back in the day: that those cat-eared and cat-tailed women that Reboot James Kirk is making out with in the 2009(?) movie can’t possibly be cat-aliens, but have to be humans with cat prosthetics, because obviously audiences would never respect a James T Kirk who was making out with cat-aliens. It has to be humans affecting a look instead. Also the people insisting on this want you to stop laughing at them.


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