Statistics Saturday: Some Words Which Mean Nothing

And which may be safely omitted from nearly all writing.

  • very
  • somewhat
  • basically
  • honestly
  • well
  • impactfulness
  • finarkle
  • nearly
  • antepenultimate
  • essentially
  • not-unjusifiable
  • closh
  • finial
  • presumptive
  • Thworbsday
  • lycopodium [as in powder]
  • stroerbnell
  • conditionally
  • imnay
  • perhaps

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

While the Another Blog, Meanwhile index lost three points, the remaining points were polished and arranged in a more tasteful manner. The result is more aesthetically compelling and makes a grand statement on the design and purpose of systems. It reminds us that the mere accumulation of points is not everything; it is the purpose they are put to which matters. That’s what we’re telling ourselves.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Some Words Which Mean Nothing”

  1. I’m glad you specified the powder version of the word “lycopodium” as being meaningless. I recently attended a symposium on the constitutional rights of werewolves, and I found the speaker at the lycopodium to be quite meaningful.
    According to Wikipedia, the only use of lycopodium powder is to determine the size of a molecule of oleic acid. This is unnecessary, as science long ago determined that oleic acid is a 42 regular.


    1. I wouldn’t risk saying anything bad about werewolves, since I know too many of them. There’s a lot of complicated stuff around here.

      42 Regular isn’t a bad size, but the trouble is with all the eating holidays this time of year a 42 Regular is smaller than it is any other time of year, except Smallvember.


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