Comic Strips I Just Don’t Have Enough Time In My Life To Spend Any Of It Reading

I know this is going to be my most controversial list ever but I must report what is true.

  1. Mallard Fillmore.
  2. Those Sunday Pearls Before Swine strips where it’s 40 panels of endless word balloons to set up the characters in the last panel telling the cartoonist he should get a real job instead of writing puns.
  3. Any strip trying to do the “Who’s On First” routine with band names that hasn’t noticed the whole premise crashes when you remember they’re The Who, and for that matter The Guess Who.
  4. Any strip doing its own version of I Am The Very Model Of The Modern Major-General. Also any non-comic-strip doing its own version of I Am The Very Model Of The Modern Major-General. We have all that we need for what we’ve been doing.
  5. Zack Hill.
  6. Any strip that’s zinging Modern Art and how it’s all these non-representational paintings and display fixtures that look like clutter.

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The index dropped four points in trading that just went to reinforce everyone arguing that everyone and everything is doomed and will never be any good again which, remember, was set off by people noticing this is the highest the Another Blog, Meanwhile index has ever been. It’s enough to make you wonder if there’s any gratitude in the world anymore or has it always been like this? Don’t answer, those who remember whether it’s been like this.



Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

8 thoughts on “Comic Strips I Just Don’t Have Enough Time In My Life To Spend Any Of It Reading”

  1. Ah, you saw the “Who’s on First” band-name retread comic recently too. Gah. I once saw one variant back in the eighties where the last panel showed the characters walking into a club with a sign reading: “NOW PLAYING: THE WHO! YES! GUESS WHO!” So the cartoonist decided to use a tired joke and then EXPLAIN it in the last panel. Always a winning strategy.


    1. I did, yes, and I admit feeling very curmudgeonly going on about it. But it just so fails for me every time someone tries it that I had to say something. Also that the joke did fossilize in the era of Guess Who, Yes, and The Who. Maybe there aren’t many fresh band names that could be fit in and maybe made to parse a little. I could see OK Go fitting in organically, though.

      … I’m a little tempted to work out ways to frame the dialogue so that “The Who” can be given as an answer and question that parses. But I doubt it’s worth it. The original is good enough and doesn’t need to be carefully worded so as to keep from blowing up the premise.


  2. Ok, a couple things. 1) there are 2 kinds of people in the world: those who read the comics and those who don’t. 2) like everything else in life, we CHOOSE what we make time for. If you want to get in shape, you make time to workout. If you want to spend time w/ someone, you make time. If want to read the comics, you make time.


    1. Certainly, and there’s many things I do choose to make time for. These are just some of the comic strips I’ve decided I don’t have the time for, and I won’t be going to.

      Oh, I also stopped reading 9 Chickweed Lane for good, but that’s a completely uncontroversial decision to anyone who’s read 9 Chickweed Lane in the past.


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