Statistics Thursday: What Happened Around Here In December 2017

And now I have just enough time and a free daily slot to review my readership figures from December 2017. It was a rough month for me, even by the standards of 2017, as our pet rabbit died partway through. We didn’t see any signs of it coming. And suppose our rabbit didn’t, either. It was also hard in that it came just shy of a year after our previous rabbit died. I gave serious thought to cutting down on posting and the reader sensitive to style might have noticed some trunk pieces pulled out to keep up my baffling schedule.

Anyway, thanks for being here, and also thank you for kind words that I’m honestly not just trying to attract. I’m really properly here to look over how WordPress figures the blog here did.

Grey Flemish giant sprawled out in the grass, with a harness and leash on him, peering from behind a few tall strands of grass.
It’s very rare to find a rabbit who doesn’t mind showing you his care and instruction label like that. Also after this photo, if I remember right, he would scissor some of the longer strands of grass by biting them down, not to eat them, but just to have them trimmed down. He was peculiar. Yes, you’re right to want to fall into that shoulder fuzz.

I start 2018 at 69,402 pages viewed, from what WordPress tells me are 38,869 unique visitors. That seems like a pretty good bundle of visitors. How many page views and unique visitors arrived in December 2017?

2,427 of them, says WordPress. Page views, anyway. Which astounds me; that’s my highest monthly total since the Apartment 3-Gocalypse and my brief mention in the pages of the Onion’s AV Club. This came from 1,409 unique visitors, my third-highest total, after the end of Apartment 3-G and, for some reason, June of 2017. (There were a lot of people baffled by Judge Parker that month.) November 2017 had 1,805 page views from 1,049 unique visitors; October, some 2,151 page views from 1,337 visitors. My love mentioned bringing something I wrote up on a Facebook group, but I’m pretty sure hundreds of people didn’t follow that.

The number of likes rose to 182, from November’s 165. That’s down from October’s 184. Still, the last three months are above the running average as I make it out. There were 59 comments, way up from November’s 35 and October’s 22. For that, it’s the fourth-greatest number of comments at least going back to August 2015. That, at least, I can explain: Roy Kassinger, of the web comic HousePets!, has been finding and commenting on articles I forgot were in the archive and I’m trying to not freak out thinking about what the heck I said when I gave the size of Rhode Island in football fields and stuff. I should probably do more of my posting from underneath the bed.

What were the popular articles around here? Just about what you’d expect: explaining the story comics. Here’s what people wanted to read.

  • What’s Going On In Rex Morgan, M.D.? and I’m using the URL that summons the most recent Rex Morgan, M.D. post because actually two separate articles for the comic were in the top-five and I should really be encouraging the Google Rank of the grouping that always points to the most recent essay.
  • What’s Going On In Judge Parker? and I’m putting in the URL that summons the most recent piece again, because I suspect people are going to be looking for the most recent entries.
  • What’s Going On In Mark Trail? and you know why I’m doing that again.
  • What’s Nude on Television which is one of those trifles that people really like and I don’t blame them.
  • Deflated which is all about that tire problem and that I’m glad people like because it was so ridiculous to live through.

And what of the running of the countries? What places sent me how many readers? Fortunately, I’m told this, and can pass the news on to you:

Country Readers
United States 1973
Canada 82
India 51
United Kingdom 45
Australia 25
France 18
Germany 17
Brazil 16
Russia 15
Spain 15
New Zealand 8
Romania 8
Sweden 8
Hungary 7
Indonesia 7
Norway 7
Turkey 7
Ukraine 7
Vietnam 7
Mexico 6
Denmark 5
Italy 5
Japan 5
Philippines 5
Belgium 4
Hong Kong SAR China 4
Argentina 3
Ireland 3
Israel 3
Lithuania 3
Malaysia 3
Singapore 3
South Africa 3
South Korea 3
Armenia 2
Bangladesh 2
Finland 2
Greece 2
Malta 2
Serbia 2
Switzerland 2
Taiwan 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Austria 1 (*)
Cambodia 1 (*)
Colombia 1 (****)
Georgia 1
Laos 1
Latvia 1
Lebanon 1
Moldova 1
Mongolia 1
Mozambique 1
Netherlands 1
Nicaragua 1
Paraguay 1
Poland 1 (*)
Portugal 1
Réunion 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1 (**)
Tunisia 1 (*)

That’s 61 countries, if I didn’t mess something up. Down from November’s 68 and October’s 70. 18 of them were single-reader countries, down from November’s 22 and October’s 21. I think this is a “long tail” thing.

Austria, Cambodia, Poland, and Tunisia were single-reader countries in November. Trinidad & Tobago has been a single-reader country three months running. Colombia is going on five months with a solitary page viewed each month. Wouldn’t it be a kick if at this point they just check in once a month to see what I’m saying about Columbia, and I only say something about Columbia because they checked in? Anyway, they’ve now tied Cambodia’s streak from 2017 of single readership five months running. Yes, I find this interesting. I am also aware that I got a book about supermarkets for this past Christmas that is different from the book I got about the A&P supermarkets a couple Christmastimes ago.

So one of my resolutions for this year is to get ahead of deadline on my writing here. And that’s looking good: I’ve got stuff planned for the next two weeks, not counting the Fridays when I put up some big piece and the Sundays when I post my Statistics Saturday pieces. If you’d like to join the 1,056 who’re subscribed to get this in your WordPress Reader, please use the ‘Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile’ link in the upper right corner of the page here. If you’d like to join the like two who get it by e-mail, please use the ‘Follow Blog Via E-Mail’ link in the not-quite-so-upper right. And if you care for Twitter, you could join the 251 people following me there as @Nebusj, where I’ve been trying to post more than just announcements of new essays here and on my mathematics blog. Thanks for visiting.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

3 thoughts on “Statistics Thursday: What Happened Around Here In December 2017”

  1. That was all very interesting and I’m glad you are doing so well. It’s good to see what posts are doing well for you and to see how your blog has grown. I’m anxious to see how it continues to grow in 2018.


    1. Thanks kindly and I’m glad to have you around. I’m hoping that for 2018 I’ll be able to write better and maybe that’ll be reflected in readers being more numerous or interested. At least satisfied.

      Liked by 1 person

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