Statistics Saturday: Most Popular American Roller Coaster Names By Decade

Decade Most Popular American Roller Coaster Name
1890s Scenic Russian Mountain Panoramic Train Ride
1900s Drop The Dips Fairyland Lunar Cyclorama
1910s Figure Eight Speed-O-Plane Greyhound Flyer
1920s Racing Jackrabbit Zipper
1930s Swing Coaster
1940s Atomic Jet
1950s Comet Jet
1960s Meteor Jet
1970s Loop The Looping Loop Looper: The Bicentennial Looptacular
1980s Bobsled Ultragroove
1990s Laser Gunpuncher 2000max
2000s Death Kraken
2010s Steel Death Kraken

Source: The Kind Of Motion We Call Heat: A History of the Kinetic Theory of Gases in the 19th Century, Volume 2: Statistical Physics and Irreversible Processes, Stephen G Brush.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Most Popular American Roller Coaster Names By Decade”

  1. Ah, how I miss the “Loop The Looping Loop Looper” of my youth! The most thrilling part of it was that it was assembled by underpaid sociopathic vagrants with substance abuse problems.


    1. Oh, now, there’s no sense exaggerating. Every amusement park ride and carnival ride is inspected regularly and responsibly, by agents for the state Department of Agriculture, for reasons that make sense except when you tell people that’s so.

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      1. I suppose even a dubious inspection is better than no inspection at all. The next time I stop at a sketchy roadside carnival in a small town in a remote backwater, I shall ride the Loopy-Looping Swirl of Doom with more confidence (and a lot of alcohol).


        1. Oh, yes, there’s good reason to be tolerably confident in these things.

          Also to see the 1977 movie Rollercoaster, one of the few suspense-thrillers starring a buildings inspector, as well as a sequence with the band Sparks playing “Big Boy”, their slightly earworm-y hit about David and Goliath. There’s very little which explains that.

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