Statistics January: Cartoonists Dying Or Going Missing Is Good For My Readership

I do like starting months with a recap of how many people read stuff around here the month before, and what was popular. I’m not sure I’ve ever used this to good ends, but it’s interesting reading when it’s there. So. I’m not precisely sure what happened, but January 2018 was my second-best month for readership — page views and unique visitors — ever. There were 3,902 pages viewed, and from 1,671 unique visitors. The only time I’d gotten more was in the Apartment 3-Gocalypse, when the Onion AV Club linked to me as “another blog, meanwhile” commenting on the sorry end of the strip. (Also last month I finally realized it would have been so much more graceful to call it Apocalypse 3-G. Ah well.)

January 2018 readership: 3,902 views from 1,671 visitors; 227 likes; 148 comments. A weird outlying tower of readership that nearly but not quite matches November 2015 way at the other end of the graph.
Can’t lie: I’m going to be sad when my little AV Club boost back in November 2015 finally times out of the monthly statistics view. I have no idea how to get graphs from earlier months and I suspect it’s not even possible. Also, I’ve accidentally created a bustling city skyline where most of the skyscrapers are clustered together but there’s this one place fifteen blocks away from downtown where some developer imagined they were going to start a new core part of the city right ahead of the massive recession that left the city flooded with empty offices for 20 years.

It’s not hard to explain all this, given the most popular posts in January:

So. Judge Parker has had an outburst of crazypants plot development and I’m a bit sad it’s so far down the rotation in my story strip review. Gasoline Alley has gone three months without a new daily strip, and a month without a new Sunday strip, and without any word from or about Jim Scancarelli and people are, naturally, nervous. (I’ve replaced the links for the What’s Going On In, which all went to my very first reviews of these strips, with the links for the category pages that always show the most recent recap or news, on the suspicion that’s what people are really looking for.) And then comic strips ending, or in the case of Nancy possibly ending, are always intriguing. Thinking About Mort Walker pretty clearly only missed the top five of the month because it had two days to attract readers. (My most popular original, long-form piece for the month was In Which I Discover A Way To Make A Modest But Respectable fondant Sum Of Money, all about the Peanuts page-a-day calendar that I still have not gotten, by the way.)

I’m happy to pass on what I hear about the comic strips, especially the story strips, but I should emphasize that I don’t write any news about them. I just pass on what I hear from actually informed people. The story strip plot reviews I do, and I love doing them. But, like, it would take talking to a person to figure out what’s happened to Jim Scancarelli and I’m not up to that sort of work. I have a hard enough time not hiding from the clerk at fast-food places.

And how about the listing of countries of the world? I’m glad to list them, because I’ve put together this nice little word-processor macro that makes the table all neat and pretty and I barely have to make any effort for it.

Country Readers
United States 3295
Canada 99
India 97
United Kingdom 59
Sweden 31
Brazil 27
Germany 25
Philippines 22
Australia 21
Argentina 13
New Zealand 12
France 9
Hong Kong SAR China 9
Russia 9
Italy 8
Turkey 7
Finland 6
Indonesia 6
Ireland 6
Portugal 6
Spain 6
Japan 5
Pakistan 5
South Africa 5
Thailand 5
Ukraine 5
Vietnam 5
Austria 4
Bangladesh 4
Denmark 4
Georgia 4
Netherlands 4
Norway 4
Romania 4
Hungary 3
Kazakhstan 3
Mexico 3
Nigeria 3
Serbia 3
Venezuela 3
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 2
Cape Verde 2
Greece 2
Jamaica 2
Kyrgyzstan 2
Lebanon 2
Poland 2
Slovakia 2
Trinidad & Tobago 2
China 1
Colombia 1 (*****)
Ecuador 1
El Salvador 1
Estonia 1
European Union 1
Guyana 1
Kenya 1
Kuwait 1
Laos 1 (*)
Lesotho 1
Malaysia 1
Maldives 1
Moldova 1 (*)
Montenegro 1
Morocco 1
Mozambique 1 (*)
Myanmar (Burma) 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Switzerland 1
Tunisia 1
United Arab Emirates 1

So that’s 72 countries altogether sending me readers. 21 of them were single-reader countries. There’d been 61 countries in December and 68 in November. There were 18 single-reader countries in December and 22 in November.

Laos, Moldova, and Mozambique were single-reader countries in December 2017. Colombia has been a single-reader country for six months now and I’m starting to wonder who it is.

Oh, yes, reader engagement. It was a good month for reader engagement, with 227 things liked around here, up from December’s 182 and November’s 165. Greatest number of likes since the boom times of 2015. It was also a very good month for engaging with comments, mostly Ray Kassinger: 148 comments all told, way up from December’s 59 and November’s 35 and the largest number of comments going back to September 2015, which is as far back as I can get out of WordPress. That’s like half the number of comments I got in all 2017. I like the trend, it makes me feel all pleasant and wanted and all that. Just tired thinking about it is all.

Oh yeah, and I see on the Insights panel the report that for 2018, I’m averaging two comments, seven likes, and 764 words per post. And got to 25,217 total words so far. This all seems very high to me but they’re the ones with a computer, not me.

February 2018 starts with Another Blog, Meanwhile having recorded 73,304 total page views, from 40,540 unique visitors. If you’d like to be one of them, good news: you are! And you can keep this up by hanging around here, or adding the Another Blog, Meanwhile to your WordPress reader to join the 811 who already had by the start of February. There’s the “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” button in the right column of the page here. Or you can follow by e-mail if you want to see what I schedule to post before noticing the weird, misplaced and unnecessary word that always turns out to be in the third paragraph. Thanks and we’ll see what turns up this month. And on Twitter I’m @Nebusj, and if you see me on Discord then at least one of us is hallucinating, since I’m not there and I don’t understand exactly what it is. Thank you.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “Statistics January: Cartoonists Dying Or Going Missing Is Good For My Readership”

  1. Good news (potentially), I’m thinking of getting liquored up tonight and taking a blast down the highway on the motorcycle before the sand trucks get out there and render the high-speed lane less of a challenge.


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