Let me just get all this stuff answered yes:

  1. Yes, I am very aware of the past week’s developments in Mary Worth (21 more panels, 13 with explicit muffin content, bringing the year to a total of 61 muffin panels out of 154 possible) only to interrupt all the wonderful goofy muffin content with actual assault.
  2. Yes, poinsettia that’s still technically going from Christmas is probably in its last days and spending them waiting until it’s quiet in the house so it can drop a shriveled leaf in exactly the way to make the biggest, loudest rustle possible. So yes, our poinsettia is a drama queen is what I’m saying.
  3. Yes, Funky Winkerbean has spent two weeks and counting establishing the fact that Wealthy Comic Book Collector Chester Hagglemore Yes That Is Too His Name wanting to talk with former comic book guy Mopey Pete without saying what he wants to talk about. (I’m guessing it’s Hagglemore Thank You The Theoretical Lead Of The Strip Is Named “Funky Winkerbean” So Let’s Just Carry On And Get Through This Quick As Possible is figuring to restart the whole Batom Comics lineup and he wants Mopey Pete to write them all so we can see all kinds of strips where Mopey Pete can’t finish stuff on deadline.) Also yes, it is a retcon to say Mopey Pete used to write for Batom Comics, since he was previously shown to write for Marvel and then DC. And the strip sure had been running like Batom Comics was a long-gone publisher brought back to memory by one of its properties being made into a movie.
  4. Yes, niacin was first synthesized in the 1860s, decades before anyone even suspected vitamins were a thing and long before anyone would imagine it had any nutritional value. It was used as a photographic chemical under the name “nicotinic acid”.
  5. Yes, that sure seems like it has to have been a new Gasoline Alley this past Sunday but then I don’t understand why it ran now when November is the centennial.
  6. Yes, you’re reading Luann correctly. Tiffany’s scheme to foil Ann Eiffel in Luann doesn’t make a lick of sense and is barely even anything.
  7. Yes, that house across the street still has a little pile of snow in the front yard even though it’s been another four days above freezing.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Yes”

    1. Until two hours ago I would have said yes, because I thought it was part of the cluster of Smokey Stover appealing nonsense that’s still got any place in pop culture. Or at least the pop culture of appealing-nonsense-humor-fans. And now I learn that it’s not Smokey Stover at all but Gene Ahern’s The Squirrel Cage and I feel like I don’t know anything anymore.


  1. I was just introduced to “The Squirrel Cage”as a u-turn off my researching Mr Ahern’s ” Our Boarding House” As I read the capsule description and then a few examples of the topper itself I felt “This has J Nebus written all over it”,so I figured you would know of it, Lil’ Hitchiker and all.


    1. No, you’re right; it’s exactly the sort of thing that should be my thing. I just haven’t had enough exposure to really say. Might change, though. I remember the days there were, like, 12 examples of Krazy Kat available online and if you searched really hard you might find six Skippy strips, not enough to have any idea whether they were any good or if they were just “good for a comic strip from like 1934 when there was no guessing what the punch line was supposed to be”.


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