Statistics Saturday: Every YouTube Video of Humans Interacting With Wild Raccoons

  • 0:02 “Oh! Oh, hi there.”
  • 0:08 “Yes, you’re very cute.”
  • 0:14 “He’s so interested, look at that!”
  • 0:24 “Hi to you too, oh, they’re so adorable.”
  • 0:35 “There. Now you go on now, go on.”
  • 0:42 “No, no, you can’t have that.”
  • 0:45 “Okay, shoo … no, no, you can’t … ”
  • 0:52 “They’re swarming!”
  • 0:58 [ shrieking, running ]

Source: Street Names of Singapore, Peter K G Dunlop.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Every YouTube Video of Humans Interacting With Wild Raccoons”

  1. In further breaking 50 year old breaking raccoon news, I just saw a Papermate ad you’d like, haven’t found it yet on youtube, but it was on a Buzzer broadcast of I’ve Got a Secret with original commercials left in. In the ad a girl raccoon kisses a male raccoon , making his ringtail revolve like a barber pole. The tag line : Christmas is the paper mating time.


    1. I have seen it now — I’m not sure if from the same person you’re thinking of — and am tickled by the ad. Thank you. Raccoons with swirly tails is a special kind of animation that I never see enough of.


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