My Excuse For Not Being Able To Get Anything Done Today

And I’m sorry for it. But I got to remembering how I took violin lessons in elementary school. So I have to have gotten the violin from home to school, and back again. So … I must have walked to school on violin-class days carrying the thing, right? Yes, I’m with me so far. (I was with me then, too, but it was earlier on.) So this part I’m fine with. It’s just that I’m trying to think what I did when it was violin-class day and it was raining. I can’t have just carried the violin, in its case, out in the rain, right? I can’t figure how I would put up with letting the violin case get rained on all the way to school and back again. And yeah, I know when we look back at ourselves as young kids, we always imagine that we were basically the same people with the same foibles and quirks and issues, except that then we were basically happy and not tired all the time. But I can’t see how I would just let my violin case get rained on. And I can’t imagine deliberately leaving it home. And I certainly wouldn’t use a borrowed violin from school, not when I had a perfectly good one at home that I could bring. I have to conclude that either it never rained back then, or I didn’t actually go to elementary school, or I never actually took violin lessons in which case why did I still have the violin as recently as 2012, or I don’t exist. And I’m not sure I want to know the answer if it turns out my non-existence is on the table.

Anyway the server problem is with something called “Roslyn”. I don’t know here but apparently she’s known in the Microsoft IIS communities on StackOverflow. Maybe you can do something.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

3 thoughts on “My Excuse For Not Being Able To Get Anything Done Today”

  1. I’m surprised the local squirrels didn’t volunteer to keep their furry little bodies between the rain and your violin case, of course not an idea solution as now you have the additional risk of their claws scratching up the case. As to the question of your continued existence I suggest you don’t look at the Wikapedia page “A List of Fictional Nebuses” I had an argument with the webmaster — she insisted the plural of Nebus is Nebuses, I voted for Nebi, when I listed Harvey Nebus, your Imaginary invisible six foot tall rabbit childhood playmate.He wanted me to remind you that you owe him $45.67 for the carrot/radish bet you had with him. he said “Just mention carrots and radishes and he’ll remember the bet we had.”


    1. Oh, no need to mention carrots and radishes. I can be confident that was Harvey just from the mention of a bet. One of my many unpleasant aspects is how terrible I am paying off debts. To this day I think every couple months of making good on a little bet I made back in 1990 with a guy I went to college with, and it would honestly require nothing more than singing a bit of John Philip Sousa, and I keep not doing it. It’s terrible and cowardly and what can I say but I’m sorry for the whole mess.

      We usually go with ‘Nebuses’. In my case it came down to when I was writing a mathematics book, and thought hard about whether to use, for example, ‘equilibriums’ or ‘equilibria’. Both are well-used in mathematical literature. I just had to be consistent with my own writing. And while I liked the ‘equilibria’ and ‘radii’ and other such fancy plurals more, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be more difficult reading than I needed to be. So I pluralized by the most standard English customs available and that’s that.


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