Statistics Saturday: Components Of May

Doughnut chart, 31 wedges of an annular ring each with one of the whole numbers 1 to 31 pointing to it.
Also the new version of Apple Numbers wants us to know it’s a really big thing that they can draw charts like this. And I guess the doughnut chart is nice enough. But I don’t feel excited by this. Do you?

Source: Airborne Trailblazer: Two Decades with NASA Langley’s 737 Flying Laboratory, Lane E Wallace.

I don’t know. I’m sure I have the right joke in here somewhere. I just don’t know that I’ve found it yet.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

9 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Components Of May”

      1. Oh, I’d like to do this, but would have to do more research. I only really know Spider-Man from the comic strip where everybody’s oblivious, from the Electric Company series where everybody’s talking about having a great time getting green peppers in Grand Rapids, and the 1960s cartoon that I’m not sure actually existed except for the theme song and some memes. I don’t want to judge Aunt May unfairly.


    1. I am strangely qualified to do this! My day job has caused me to become quite familiar with certain aspects of Cape May … ah, are you thinking the county or the city of Cape May? Because I’m way more qualified with the county and am looking for an excuse to get back to Wildwood.


  1. Components of Mayberry NC would be easy — Barber shops 1 Future Successful Directors 1 Gas Station Attendants Named Pyle 2, Bullets in Barney’s Gun 0, Bullets In his pocket 1


    1. Ooh, that’s good, yes.

      Wait, isn’t there something in the background where a landing party from the Enterprise is rooting around looking for the kid survivors of some genetically-engineered anti-aging plague? I guess that’s 1 party.


        1. Yes, there we go, that’s in there.

          You know, sometime last year some ingenious folks on TrekBBS worked out that if instead of Clark Gable'' you used Harlan Ellison's choice ofRichard Dix” for the star of the movie Keeler was going to see, then you have an actual plausible candidate for which movie they would have been seeing: Lovin’ the Ladies, released in New York City at the RKO the 21st of March. (Dix’s other 1930 movie was released in July and you can’t go around saying as Kirk does that it’s cold outside.) And it’s even one of those dopey pictures based on rich idiots betting that they can make any two people fall in love just by manipulating the conditions around the, which is weirdly on-point for the whole episode. Or just luck since like 40% of all movies in that era had that plot.

          Anyway I think that’s the most admirable pointless ingenuity and research I’ve encountered in years, Star Trek division.


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