And Now What’s Wrong At City Hall

So some more of the problems with Lansing City Hall have come to light. Apparently there’s a fairly important service hallway on the fifth floor that’s blocked by a dragon. Not a mean dragon, mind you. It’s actually pretty soft and cuddly by all descriptions. It’s just that since he settled in, he grew too large and now he can’t quite fit through the hallways and has been stuck in place a while. Says the last thing he remembers before getting stuck was reading the newspapers about the Penn Central bankruptcy. So it sounds like he’s a railroad fanatic or one of those people who would read even the boring articles in the newspaper. Fine enough. But he is blocking access to one of the larger supply closets as it is. I can’t imagine everyone else is waiting for those supplies since they’ve been blocked off like that since 1970. Still, think of the proceeds that could be raised from auctioning off genuine 1970-era NOS typewriter ribbons and manilla envelopes and stuff. I have to admit this whole replacing-City-Hall project is sounding more sensible.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “And Now What’s Wrong At City Hall”

  1. Since you’re an expert on rabbits grumpy and otherwise I was hoping to ask a question — It seems a wild rabbit has taken up residence under my back porch patio, whenever we walk up the steps he/she comes shooting out at top speed. Other than basically leaving him/her alone is there anything I could do or lay about to entice him/ her to stay as long as she/he wishes to?


    1. I’m not much of an expert, must admit. But I asked my love, who’s more of one, and ultimately we don’t really know.

      My love’s suspicion is that if the rabbit were that bothered by foot traffic, she/he would have already relocated. If the rabbit sticks around it will likely come to realize that certain kinds of sounds aren’t dangerous.

      It might be the rabbit’s a mother and there’s a nest of baby rabbits under there, in which case the mother would check in now and then, but wouldn’t stick around especially if there were anything to worry about. Nothing personal, just that being away from the nest is important in that case.

      So, yes, most likely the thing to do is let the rabbit be.

      (And I know the temptation but carrots, apples, bananas … sure, rabbits like them a lot. But the fruits have a lot of sugar, so be very sparing.)


        1. Oh, I see, I see. My love is not sure but does think straw or hay would probably be useful for nesting; certainly we know of pictures where a rabbit’s carrying such around to build things. Might use a cotton bundle too.

          My love also mentions that some plants and flowers might be taken up well. Violets and plantains would be reasonably safe treats. A rabbit would be eating mostly grass, assuming the lawn’s in healthy shape. But dandelion greens, romaine lettuce, endive, kale, parsley, cilantro, and mustard greens are all safe enough and might be liked by the rabbit. (We’ve also had some rabbits who liked chard while others suspected it of being some kind of trick but were willing to eat it anyway. The current rabbits haven’t been asked their opinion on chard yet.)


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