What Should I Watch When I Run Out Of Talkartoons?

This coming Tuesday I figure to post an essay about the 42nd and last of the Fleischer Studios’ Talkartoons series. I forget just how I stumbled into reviewing each (available) one in turn. But I’ve liked how it turned out. It’s given me the chance to watch some cartoons for the first time, and to watch all of them anew.

Thing is, what to do next? I could go back to writing something original each day but that’s hard. Having a review of stuff I like works well for me. I like having the reason to look at something I enjoy. I like noticing the evolution of things. I like getting to explain cultural references of 1932. It satisfies the know-it-all urge in me. And that’ll need extra satisfaction now that The Straight Dope with Cecil Adams is ended. (Sob!) I like knowing that if I ever really tried I could write a month’s worth of some day of the week’s entries in an afternoon. I never, ever will.

I’ve thought about moving right into the Betty Boop line of cartoons proper, which among other things would schedule my Tuesdays for a year and a half to come. That’s a comfortable thought. Popeye is also fantastic and I’m not sure I would get tired of that, not at least before we get to the postwar cartoons. Or I could go for something less well-examined.

And that’s what I’m doing here: would anyone have nominations for a set of things I might review, one per week? I’m open to other cartoon series. I’d prefer ones that are well-represented on archive.org, so that essays stay sensible. I’m open to cartoons that haven’t been thoroughly digested by other bloggers. I’m also open to ones of historic interest. … And I admit, I’d prefer ones whose historic import I don’t have to spend too much time justifying why anyone in 2018 should care. So I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the Van Beuren filmography, but, probably would do The Little King cartoons first. And I know I’m one of nearly a dozen people who still find The Little King interesting.

I’m also open to other stuff, such as live-action shorts, or even old-time radio programs. As I say, the important things are that they be accessible to readers without too much effort. Ideally something that could be embedded in my essays and trusted to remain indefinitely. Any thoughts?

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

8 thoughts on “What Should I Watch When I Run Out Of Talkartoons?”

        1. Maybe, maybe. Though a good character-design freakout can be so much fun to review too.

          Shall have to think about this.

          (I’m still getting over how late in the game they had two completely independent models for Bimbo.)


    1. Ooh. Mm. On the one hand, I have long held Flashbeagle deserves a public rehabilitation and could put that into 1500 words where probably 250 is all anyone needs. On the other hand, it turns out Someday You’ll Find Her, Charlie Brown is so loathsome that it might outweigh all the other fifty years’ worth of Charlie Brown being a generally likable character. Hm. Have to think about this.


  1. Id also recommend if you can find it–“Furuhata Ninzaburō” or as I call it “Japanese Columbo” A police detective instead of wearing a tattered raincoat and driving a beat up car wears a completely black outfit and rides a bike to murder scenes, otherwise the Columbo sequence plays out…someone is murdered, the detective badgers the criminal into messing up and/or confessing. I caught a number of episodes when New York’s WNYC used to show blocks of ethnic shows on a leased time basis.


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