Statistics August: What People Liked Here Before Alley Oop Had News

So I always try to start the month with a review of what’s popular and how popular it is. I find this out by checking WordPress’s page statistics. I can guess that September 2018 will have some relatively big numbers for me as people try to figure out the Alley Oop situation. But the news of that broke the 1st of September and so can’t do anything for me for August. I suppose I could do a review of what will be popular in September, but I haven’t written most of it. And most of it will be the story strip recaps. Which, if breaking news doesn’t force me to alter schedules should be this:

Please plan how much you’re interested in the story strips accordingly.

So here’s the readership chart for the months leading up to August 2018, plus a little bit of September so far:

August 2018: 2,848 views; 1,619 visitors; 1.76 views per visitor; 31 posts published.
I used to track the views-per-visitor but I never knew what to do with the information. I guess it’s nice that on average people look at more than one thing around here, at least.

My slow secular decline continues! For another month the number of page views has dropped, to 2,848 from July’s 2,984. And down from June’s 3,454. I’m not sure but it looks like I’m drifting down something like 125 page views per month ever since that January 2018 high. The number of unique visitors bounced up, though, to 1,619. July had only 1,569. That doesn’t get back to June’s 1,791 but it’s a bit of a rally. We’ll see whether July or August is the fluke and which one is the trend.

Those measures of reader engagement … eh. Technically the number of likes rose, to 180, from July’s 165. But there were between 172 and 177 likes from April through to June this year. It’s as good as fixed in place. The number of comments rose to 39 from July’s 36, but again, June saw 56 and May 54. There’s just not a lot going on here.

What were the popular posts around here in August? About what you’d expect given that nobody was expecting Alley Oop to need explaining:

My most popular long-form essay in August was Everything There Is To Say About Making Art, which I think is my favorite of the essays I posted in August. If you’d like to see the long-form stuff I did write — and I started out the blog figuring those were the important things, with everything else teasers to keep me in readers’ thoughts — here’s the roster:

Now to the roster of countries that sent me any kind of readers. There were 60 countries sending me any readers at all, down from July’s 66 and June’s 71, so again, the word seems to be shrinking. 16 of these were single-reader countries, down from July’s 17. See gain, shrinking countries.

Country Readers
United States 2,193
India 119
Canada 112
Australia 89
United Kingdom 60
Germany 22
Brazil 19
Italy 19
Philippines 18
Singapore 15
Hong Kong SAR China 10
South Africa 10
France 9
Russia 9
Netherlands 8
Mexico 7
Spain 7
Denmark 6
Sweden 6
Taiwan 6
Czech Republic 5
Finland 5
Greece 5
Japan 5
Malaysia 5
Romania 5
Saudi Arabia 5
Costa Rica 4
European Union 4
Indonesia 4
Trinidad & Tobago 4
Hungary 3
Norway 3
Peru 3
Poland 3
United Arab Emirates 3
Argentina 2
Austria 2
Bulgaria 2
Estonia 2
Ireland 2
Kenya 2
Portugal 2
Switzerland 2
Brunei 1
Colombia 1
Ghana 1
Israel 1
Jordan 1
Malta 1
Morocco 1
Myanmar (Burma) 1
New Zealand 1
Pakistan 1 (*)
Serbia 1
South Korea 1
Sri Lanka 1
Turkey 1
Ukraine 1
Venezuela 1 (*)

Of all the world, only Pakistan and Venezuela have been single-reader countries two months in a row. Yes, I’d love to know what they read and why not any more, but that would take looking or something.

I started September with 243 posts on the year to date, and a total of 558 comments. this averages to 2.3 comments per posting. There were 1,499 total likes, for an average of 6.2 likes per posting. This is the same comments and likes-per-post average as at the start of August. Well, here’s something different: at the start of August I’d published 158,984 words here so far this year. That’s 20,725 words over the month. For the year, through the end of August, I’ve averaged 654 words per post, up very slightly from the 652.2 at the start of August. I start the month having had 96,879 total page views from 53,279 unique readers. Yes, I should do something for the 100,000th page view, but I’ll never know when I reached it. I bet.

If you’d like to read Another Blog, Meanwhile at your convenience here’s the RSS feed for every post, which is pretty convenient. If you’d rather put it in your WordPress Reader, use the button that says something about adding the blog to your reader. It should be at the upper right corner of the page. If you’d like to see me announcing the posts as they happen you can find me as @nebusj on Twitter. Thanks for following however you like.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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