I Have No Idea What The Dream World Is Warning Me About With This One

But apparently there’s going to be some incident deep in the midst of winter where it’s one of those nasty snowy days. Also, apparently I’m going to have one of those cars that looks like an SUV but is small enough to tell yourself you’re not just buying an SUV. The snow, of course, will need to be dusted off in order to safely drive and I’m one of those people who does dust off the top of the car even when it’s deep into winter when everybody’s given up. The inconvenient thing was that the car was parked in the living room. No problem that the snow off the car was getting dusted onto the floor, which by the way is wood and really shouldn’t have that much snow on it for that long. But I was thinking how annoying it would be getting the car back into this great parking spot in the living room right between the bookshelf and the little tower we have with the record player and satellite TV receiver and all that. It’s a pretty tight spot, even for a small car. Plus on the TV was one of those morning news-chat shows where you get a little bit about what to dread today, and then a human-interest feature about some guy in Alaska who’s having trouble getting a permit for some ridiculous thing for some ridiculous reason, and then they show you how to make an omelette. This means something, but I have got no idea what.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “I Have No Idea What The Dream World Is Warning Me About With This One”

  1. The other day I fell asleep with a Burns&Allen rerun on. I had a dream where All I remember was I was talking with some guy about some sketches I had done. All I remember is saying to the guy “Luckily I draw better than George Burns sings.” Seeing as how people complaining about Burns singing was a regular trope on that show, I can only guess it relates to whatever I was hearing on the TV. For the record I myself have no beefs with his singing and I think it good for what he did with it.


    1. Heh; interesting. I’m curious what the whole episode might have been. If drawing’s mentioned that sounds like it might have been a Modern Art riff.

      Agreed that George Burns’s singing voice wasn’t as bad as the jokes made it out to be. Granted, Andy Devine’s singing voice wasn’t as bad as the jokes implied George Burns’s singing voice was. But I think that might have been that Burns knew what he could get with his voice and still be respectable, while still being something you could make jokes about.


      1. Yep they let him go off and sing/say “A one and a two and a one two three—I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from a-wandering where it will gooooooooooo”


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