Statistics Saturday: The WiFi Networks Detectable In Your Area

  • home-123
  • Comcast_sucks
  • [ That cryptic alien squiggle thing from that one Doctor Who episode a couple years ago. ]
  • ATT_sucks
  • FBI Surveillance Van #69
  • home-1138
  • . – –     ..     ..-.     ..
  • thegoodplace
  • Aphid Kruschev
  • Bill Wi The Science Fi
  • internet-of-thingamajigs
  • bobby tables privat wifi
  • outernet
  • Verison_suuucksssssS5SS5fiveSss
  • xfinity
  • Hipster-coffee-shop-Wifi
  • Hipster-coffee-shop-Wifi-5G
  • Buy_you_own_Wifi
  • Comcast_really_sucks
  • xfinity-wifi
  • memory-gamma
  • HOME-518
  • Paul Blart, Mall Jeb!
  • xfinity-wifi-sucks
  • Why-Fhy
  • landline
  • [ something incomprehensible that just feels like it’s probably a Rick and Morty reference but you can’t imagine ever being the sort of person who could possibly work up the energy to figure out whether it is ]
  • NSA Surveillance Van 420
  • computers-were-a-mistake-5G

Reference: Skyscraper: The Search for an American Style, 1891-1941, Roger Shepherd.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: The WiFi Networks Detectable In Your Area”

  1. I set up my router to provide the following additional guest networks:



    💜 ◉ω◉ whats this 💜

    presumably several of my neighbors are amused by this, and several others are annoyed at their older Android phones crashing whenever they try joining wi-fi.


    1. I’d be amused by it, but then my cell phone is old enough it doesn’t even have the concepts of Wi-Fi or emojis. I could probably type an emoticon into it, but I wouldn’t want to take the risk.


  2. Oh, yes, Comcast. Whom I found out was charging me for internet speeds they weren’t even providing. I did get refunded, somewhat, and then canceled Comcast to switch to another nefarious internet provider, HughesNet. 🙂


    1. I maybe should say we are on Comcast, and they are relatively speaking the good guys in our neighborhood. Honestly more than just relatively good guys; we’re getting a higher speed than we actually signed up for, because I guess their cables are better than they feel like they can certify for our neighborhood. But there is just across the street a far better Internet provider and they keep claiming they’ll come to our neighborhood soon. And then every year they cut the neighborhood in two and coming to the half we’re not in. In another three years they’ll be over the whole of the city except for our house.

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