Statistics Saturday: Animals We Can Say The Guy Who Draws Beetle Bailey Has Or Hasn’t Seen

Animal Can we say the guy who draws Beetle Bailey has seen this?
Duck No because why aren’t its feet webbed and do they even rest in trees? But if that’s not a mallard then what is it?
Squirrel Still Not Yet
Snake Yes
Another duck or maybe a badly colored pigeon? I guess? I’m stuck figuring out what it’s holding.
Horse Maybe?
Bear From the front and only the front
Mouse Also only from the front
Butterfly Yes
Uh … is … that one of those comical fish lures you see in 1950s cartoons and sitcoms about marginally competent fathers? I guess so?
Whatever kind of bird that is standing on the edge of the large tub there? No
Raccoon Turns out, yeah
Dog? Maybe? In that lower right corner? Or maybe it’s another bear? Y … uh … yeah? Maybe?


Cookie: 'I thought the men would like a vegetarian meal for a change.' Sarge: 'Well, they didn't go for it.' Cookie: 'But it's a hit with the herbivores.' They look, in silhouette, over a number of animals drawn in that worn-down mid-century-modern style of Beetle Bailey; the animals include several birds, a horse, at least one bear cub, a squirrel, a raccoon, a mouse, a snake, and some flying insects.
Greg Walker’s Beetle Bailey for the 14th of May, 2019. So, mallards, bears, and raccoons are omnivores. While mice and squirrels are mostly herbivorous, they’ll eat meat given the chance. I’ve heard rumors of an herbivorous snake but I’m not believing it before I see Mark Trail introduce it in a Sunday panel. And if that’s a dog instead of another bear cub under the table, that’s not an herbivore.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

5 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Animals We Can Say The Guy Who Draws Beetle Bailey Has Or Hasn’t Seen”

    1. Yeah, you’re right. The legs (front and back) are so uniform that the body plans don’t have a chance of standing out. The tails aren’t differentiated enough either.


  1. Sarge and Cookie look like brothers or twins, with the only difference being their stubble and the eaOH MY GOD WHAT IS GOING ON WITH COOKIE’S EAR


    1. Cookie’s ear has always looked like that and I admit I’m not sure what Walker was going through in the design. ( has how he looked in 1962.) I had thought Sarge and Cookie had started out more differentiated and have gotten closer as the art simplifies even farther, but even by 1962 ( ) the major difference was in a bit of the neckline.

      Hagar, another character with a similar look, was in part Dik Browne’s self-caricature. I’m now curious whether Sarge or Cookie might have been Mort walker’s caricature of Dik Browne, but that’s entirely my speculation. It may just be there’s logical reasons for all these characters to be fat yet muscular characters and the style points to a particular direction.


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