Norm Feuti’s _Retail_ comic strip is ending

Anyone who took my advice to read Norm Feuti’s Retail likely suspected this was coming. The comic strip, following the life and careers of workers in a department store, had a story about this being maybe a make-or-break holiday season. And then Stuart, the fussy regional micromanager, just … disappeared. It was so out of character as to suggest the world was ending.

Scott: 'You don't think it's possible that Stuart got fired?' Marla: 'Nah, people like Stuart never get fired. Grumbel's prizes blind loyalty above all else. Sycophants who go with the flow and pretend everything is great keep their job forever.' Scott: 'At least until the place goes bankrupt.' Marla: 'Which leads me to my next theory.'
Norm Feuti’s Retail for the 16th of January, 2020. Marla, here, had started as the assistant store manager (Stuart was the full manager). She’d had ambitions of opening her own boutique, which faded out after she was promoted to full manager. It’s not been mentioned (that I remember) in years. The workday life of putting off ambitions until you forget you had them was a running motif in the strip. It’s one of the small things, rarely drawing attention to itself, which I admired for emotional reality.

So it is: Norm Feuti announced that he’s retiring the strip. The last installment’s to run Sunday, the 23rd of February. He’s found more opportunities in children’s books and is focusing on that instead. He intends to secure a digital archive of the strip and will announce that when it has a place. I’ll try to remember to pass that news on.

I’m saddened by the news, of course. Not just for the loss of any comic. But also that Feuti drew strips with a quite good blend of daily humor and running continuity. This and his (mostly) ended Gil paid attention to working-class and even poor people, without (to my eye) ever getting snide or condescending about people’s lives. They looked at the people who are the marginal characters in other comic strips, and it’s a shame to lose those.

(Gil still runs as a Sunday comic in the Providence (RI) Journal and on Feuti’s blog. I have no reason to think Feuti will revive Retail as a Sunday or web comic, but would read it if he did.)

2020 has already been a rough year for the syndicated comics. Terri Libenson’s The Pajama Diaries (another King Features comic) ended, and Peter Guren decided he’s done every Ask Shagg comic he cares to.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

9 thoughts on “Norm Feuti’s _Retail_ comic strip is ending”

    1. Yeah; whatever ridiculous things might have gone on at the department store, they never felt like caricatures or dumb jokes. Even the space-cadet customers always felt observed and thought through. I can understand this strip not connecting with a larger audience but I really appreciate the craft Feuti put into it.

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  1. I’d been following this strip since shortly after I started in retail, pretty much from its inception. It perfectly captured the retail world in a way nothing else could (difference between this and superstore is you can see who worked retail and who didn’t).

    I didn’t know the strip was ending at first. I just thought this was an interesting new storyline that may shake things up again. It’s too bad.


    1. Yeah; my own experience working retail was very slight, and quite a long while ago (and at a bookstore to boot, so things were a little weird), but Feuti’s strip was always somehow still dead-on right.

      The first warning signs that the strip would end did look like it was a clever shaking-up of the status quo, and it’s a shame that didn’t last. The strip did do a couple of significant shakings-up, particularly in promoting Marla to store manager, and to a lesser extent with the changes in assistant manager after that. It was good strategy, though, reflecting the transience of a workplace like that and also how much the climate of a place will change with small alterations in the people and their positions.

      I’m sorry the strip is ending but glad that, at least, many people have come to pay attention to how well it was written.


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