What’s Got Me Late Today, Network Stars Edition

I’m sorry, but I was busy thinking how I might explain to my niblings why we as kids watched the Circus of the Stars. “What better chance,” the best I can think of goes, “will we have to see Heather McNair step out of her role as Roxanne Caldwell on the greatest TV show of all time ever, Automan, before it ends what will surely be a twelve-year network run followed by a series of smash movies?” They have never asked about Circus of the Network Stars and I have no reason to think they will. I expect if they have questions, then their relevant parents can handle the matter. But so much has caught me unprepared this year. I don’t want one more thing to.

So far as Wikipedia is aware Heather McNair never appeared on Circus of the Stars. Automan did not run for twelve years and inspired no movies, although I’m going ahead and guessing there’s a reboot of it that’s already in its third of eight-episode seasons on … uh … let’s say HBO BlortStar+, that sounds like a streaming service name.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “What’s Got Me Late Today, Network Stars Edition”

    1. Well, sure, but even then, we could have gone to a different station. It’s not like there’s any way we’d be worse off watching the Harper Valley PTA show or that Casablanca series.


  1. I remember SCTV did “Battle of the PBS Network Stars” but I think “Battle of the Network Stars” was a whole different franchise then “Circus” although I think they both contained Howard Cosell in an official capacity.


    1. Oh yeah, SCTV did the Battle of the PBS Network stars too. That was another fantastic sketch, just about perfection.

      Maybe the real Battle of the Network Stars was a different franchise from the Circus of the Stars, although I’m going ahead and guessing there’s no possible way to tell. They both seem like something Dan Harmon would make up as a spoof for the nonsense going on with television at the time.


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