Meanwhile, How My Day Job Doing Computer Stuff Is Going

Me, today: putting a thing that’s currently a single line used a single time into its own function, because I know from experience this is going to grow into a thing that’s a bunch of pieces doing similar but not identical things and that has to be called from eighteen different spots in the code.

Me, two months from now: trying to figure out why none of my functions ever actually does anything, they just call other functions into this great impassible mangrove swamp of two-line functions.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, How My Day Job Doing Computer Stuff Is Going”

    1. (For people reading this at some remote future date, here’s the Kevin and Kell strip, which originally ran on Holbrook’s own site sometime back in 2014.)

      I get your irritation, but I think Holbrook’s art is basically in the right here. The tangling of the maypole threads looks at least compatible with real maypole pictures I can find (eg, at or at

      It would make more sense if at least some of the kids, especially Coney the rabbit, were facing the other way. But I think we can rationalize that by supposing the preschoolers get mixed up about what way they’re supposed to go, and turn around, and we just happen to see a moment when everyone’s running the same direction.

      … Also I was surprised in the Comics Curmudgeon thread about how many people rushed to post their ‘gotcha’ about how a rabbit could be at a predators’ preschool, without checking and finding it was explained like sixty times already.

      (For those who don’t read Kevin and Kell, the rabbit shown here is the child of a wolf and a rabbit, and is extremely carnivorous. Also, the strip really embraces the anthro-animals-who-eat-each-other thing with a slightly sick glee that reminds you that Kevin and Kell did, after all, start as a web comic in the 90s. More professionally done than any web comic — Holbrook was already a longtime syndicated cartoonist with two daily strips when he started it — but, it’s still got a good number of hallmarks of 1996 Web comics Edginess to it.)


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