Why I can no longer go on the Star Trek forum

Listen, if Early Grey were Captain Picard’s favorite tea, then that would be his default setting for “tea”. That he orders “Earl Grey” means he must most often have something else. No matter how much we like our favorite we sometimes want something different and it so happens that we the viewers just happen to keep catching him when he is not having his actual favorite tea.

Since he also specifies “hot” I conclude ordinarily Picard enjoys iced tea. I bet it’s with a three-parts-sugar-to-one-part-tea ratio.

Anyway I have forgotten my password. It was “one one A, two B”.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “Why I can no longer go on the Star Trek forum”

  1. I would agree with you, except that the Dunkin’ App nudges me every time ‘Would you like to make this a default order?”and I hit the NO button even though 60% of the time yes I want a XL Caramel Swirl sugar and cream[*1] and it would save me from thirty seconds of clicking on a menu.
    Jean-Luc Picard is just that guy who will hear the Enterprise computer say “I notice you order your tea as Hot, Earl Grey. Would you like to make this your default tea selection?” and Picard would just sigh and say “No, bugger that, Siri.” and keeps specifying every time because _maybe_ he’ll want something else and you don’t have him figured out, Alexa and this is not about Picard anymore sorry.

    [*1] Which is a ‘Regular’.


    1. Oh, I’m totally on-board with you about lying to computers regarding my preferences. It’s also a moral obligation to lie on any survey the web page’s advertising gives you. I’ll also put the wrong date on any legal documents I need to sign. And there’s not the slightest reason to do that, since it’s not like the chimney cleaners are going to be paid any differently whether the check is written out for the 16th or the 17th.

      But we can’t say that Picard is being cagey with his computer’s knowledge of his preferences when his everything, from bespoke anti-Cardassian evasive maneuvers to button-pressing holodeck fantasies to mood-music-and-lighting settings for his apartment to the ship’s self-destruct codes, are all in files named Picard one'' orPicard alpha one”. He knows what the computer knows about him, and he’s all right with that.


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