Statistics Saturday: Hypotheses about How the Premise to _Loonatics Unleashed_ Came About

  1. One of the writers was caught photocopying his Batman Beyond/Wile E Coyote crossover fanfic on the work machine and so had to write up a show treatment to justify it and then somehow it got to air.
  2. The producers liked the concept of this doomed world-encompassing city at the edge of the explored universe filled with a desperate population struggling to survive, but felt it lacked Yosemite Sam as a space pirate.
  3. Somebody dropped the minutes from the six-hour pitch meeting for the whole season’s shows, and the notes all got mixed up, and when they were typed up nobody could remember what the network had agreed to but they also know you don’t go back after the network said “yes” so they just went with what they could piece together.
  4. They were sitting around thinking what to do with everybody’s favorite Looney Tunes characters, and also Lola Bunny, and someone said, “what about if it’s a postapocalyptic dystopia with supervillains who can still be tricked into the ‘He does SO have to shoot me now!’ bit” and just kept yes-anding each other, and then it turned out a pack of elves who always wanted to be animators were there and overheard and after everyone went home for the night, the animator elves drew the whole series up.
  5. Somehow something else happened?

Reference: Fred Allen’s Letters, Fred Allen, Edited by Joe McCarthy.

Also you would think someone would have an article explaining where the concept for Loonatics Unleashed started and how it got to where it did, and as far as I can tell they haven’t, and that’s weird too.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

10 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Hypotheses about How the Premise to _Loonatics Unleashed_ Came About”

    1. Would have expected more planets where they stop for mints in that case.

      … I grant I’ve seen about one and three-quarters episodes, though. There could have been literally anything in there and I wouldn’t know.

      I guess I just understood the show better when it was Duck Dodgers and the Martians had the Sax-O-Blivion.


    1. I did! And, more, I was worried because I could have sworn it was a repeat. The truth turns out to be more surprising still: D D Degg found where this strip was done before, in 2006. But Hy Eisman completely re-drew the strip, too:

      I can certainly understand re-drawing a strip from the archives, although I’m surprised there’s so little change from the previous appearance. I’d have expected more rewording or reworking of the pacing, but all that really changed is flipping the bottom row around. I’ma also not sure how I feel about the Jeep speaking in thought balloons. It spoils some of his inscrutable, fae nature.


  1. Just discovered a Google Easter egg, if you search for “Alex Trebek” it pops up with “Did you mean WHO WAS Alex Trebek?” Not really a big Earth shattering deal,I know,but it’s the first one I found without reading about it first.


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