Statistics Saturday: Some Forecast Weather

  • Sunny and warmer, chance of evening showers.
  • Sunny and cooler, chance of overnight storms.
  • Partly cloudy, breezy. Hardly needing that study session.
  • Overcast and windy or rainy.
  • Imaginary hailstones the size of hypothetical golf balls.
  • Overcast and windy xor rainy.
  • Snow with trace accumulations.
  • Not rainy and not cloudy if and only if sunny and clear.
  • Snow, two to three odds.
  • Freezing rain giving way to heavy fog after a protracted court fight.
  • Distant sound of a train that hasn’t run on that line since the Penn Central bankruptcy.
  • Unfair and warmer.

Reference: The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country, Laton McCartney.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Some Forecast Weather”

    1. It would certainly keep me inside watching … that channel that isn’t Game Show Network but somehow is carrying the 1950s Price Is Right, I’ve found. You realize one episode they asked contestants to name their prizes, and one guy named “a house”, and they gave it to him?


    1. This is true! As far as I can figure out, they planned to give a real house, which makes these modern-day prime-time specials where the winner might get, like, a hundred thousand bucks worth of merchandise seem cheap somehow.


  1. The original TPIR was famous for those surprise “bonus” prizes like one episode a contestant won a color tv along with a bonus of a live peacock to check the tv’s color by, on another episode a contestant won a Car plus rights to a Texas oil well.


    1. Dang! I forgot just how much Texas oil wells were a weird obsession back in the day. Shame that they’ve dropped that from the modern show but it’s also probably just as well because somebody trying to spoil it for everyone would ask for a flight to the International Space Station or something.


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