A question created when I was looking up _The Odd Couple_

All right, so Wikipedia brought me to this article about The Oddball Couple

It’s a mid-70s DePatie-Freleng cartoon …

It’s a Saturday Morning Cartoon version of The Odd Couple

The Oscar character is a dog named Fleabag. He’s voiced by Dick Dastardly actor, ventriloquist, and artificial-heart pioneer Paul Winchell

The Felix character is voiced by … yyyyyyyyyyes, it says Frank Nelson.

Did I make this up and slip it into Wikipedia as a gag and then forget?

Screenshot of Wikipedia's article about The Oddball Couple, a short-lived 1975 cartoon version of The Odd Couple, containing a picture of the title card and a paragraph describing the series.
I mean, yes, it looks convincing. That mossy-mold background for the title card is SUCH a DePatie-Freleng touch that it makes me suspicious. If this were really done in the 70s they’d sometimes get their style wrong. Also, Wikipedia says that Fleabag and Spiffy shared a secretary named Goldie Hound. At some point just having the mountain of evidence becomes suspicious.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

12 thoughts on “A question created when I was looking up _The Odd Couple_”

  1. While on the topic of Frank Nelson….I know Jack Benny had many running jokes, but was one of them having a troop(?) of penguins waddle across the stage? Reason I ask is I just watched two of his NBC specials and they both had a spot with a group of penguins waddling by Jack at one point.
    I just didn’t remember that as one of his bits.


    1. I don’t remember penguins specifically. But there was a running thread in the late-30s/early-40s about Jack Benny having his private zoo. I think that joke pretty much whittled down to Carmichael the Polar Bear, whom Rochester wanted even less to do with. Possibly it’s a riff on that, with penguins being way easier to deal with on-camera than polar bears could be?


  2. Kudos to you,Professor,this opening credits sequence you made is very convincing although I gotta admit I recognize the Spike Jones effects record you used in the background. I’m almost ready to believe that “That Girl” cartoon was legit. When you prank Wikipedia you go full throttle!


    1. Sounds much more like Frank Nelson to me. I’m afraid my own voice sounds more like I seem to be getting my lines wrong, but you can’t pin down just what is off about it.


    1. Seems like a plausible pun, sure. Um … Is this something from The Oddball Couple? I haven’t actually seen any of the show because I’m a little afraid that you or I or someone we know made it up and slipped it in as a prank and I don’t want to know how much work we put in to faking it.


  3. You no longer need doubt Frank Nelson’s involvement with “The Odd ball Couple”! The FB group TV CARTOONS THAT TIME FORGOT just did a post on the show, as well as posts (pun intended)on Linus the Lionhearted which had both a raccoon and kangaroo character.


    1. This is interesting stuff to know! But I admit that even having seen episodes of The Oddball Couple I can’t believe it’s real. To have other people reporting on it … well, you’ve heard the phrase ‘an orgy of evidence’, I’m sure.


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