Statistics June: How In June 2021 Everyone Figured They Had Maybe A Bit Too Much Of Me

I know I can’t stay popular forever and it’s amazing I can be kind-of popular at all. The last couple months my readership’s buoyed by comic strip drama. There’s been none of that for a while.

According to WordPress there were 4,154 page views around here in June. That’s the lowest figure since June of 2020. It’s way below the twelve-month running mean of 5,530.2 page views per month. It’s also well below the twelve-month running median of 4,996 page views. WordPress also says the number of unique visitors dropped, too. There were 2,527 unique visitors recorded, the lowest count since August 2020. My twelve-month running mean was 3,357.0 unique visitors per month, and a running median of 3,036.5.

Two and a half years' worth of monthly readership figures. After a peak in April 2021 there've been several months of decline.
Still it is neat to have had twelve months’ worth of more than four thousand page views a month. I can’t credit all of that to clicking “refresh” 3800 times a month.

If there’s any consolation, the people who remained interacted some more. There were 134 things liked in June. That’s a bit above the running mean of 125.2 and the median of 128. And the number of comments was up, as well. There were 54 comments given, compared to a twelve-month running mean of 41.3 and median of 39.

Here’s what the most popular posts were in June:

And not to brag but I’ve had a delightful bunch of dumb Statistics Saturday posts recently. The most popular of those this past month was a tie between:

So that’s the sort of month it was around here.

There’s no sense guessing what kind of month July will be. But I have reason for hope. The comic strip plot recaps I have planned are some reliable popular ones:

That’s all a plan, though. It’s subject to change if news develops. All the story strip recaps are at this link, though.

Mercator-style map of the world, with the United States in dark red and most of the New World, western Europe, South and Pacific Rim Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in a more uniform pink.
I feel like I have fewer page views from Paraguay than I should expect. But it turns out that I’ve had nineteen whole page views from Paraguay in the past ten years alone. So that’s nice to know.

There were 86 countries or country-like entities sending me readers in June. 24 of them got a single view each. Here’s the roster:

Country Readers
United States 2,907
India 200
Canada 194
United Kingdom 86
Philippines 79
Germany 73
Australia 69
Brazil 68
South Africa 28
Switzerland 25
Japan 22
Romania 22
Mexico 21
Italy 18
Ireland 17
Spain 17
France 16
Malaysia 15
Ecuador 13
Greece 13
Singapore 13
Sweden 13
Finland 12
Indonesia 10
Netherlands 10
South Korea 10
Trinidad & Tobago 9
Vietnam 9
New Zealand 8
Norway 8
Argentina 7
Hong Kong SAR China 7
Peru 7
Taiwan 7
Chile 6
Denmark 6
Poland 6
United Arab Emirates 6
Colombia 5
Papua New Guinea 5
Turkey 5
Russia 4
Sri Lanka 4
Croatia 3
Czech Republic 3
Egypt 3
El Salvador 3
European Union 3
Hungary 3
Israel 3
Macedonia 3
Malta 3
Nigeria 3
Serbia 3
Venezuela 3
Austria 2
Bolivia 2
Bulgaria 2
Cyprus 2
Jamaica 2
Moldova 2
Uzbekistan 2
American Samoa 1
Armenia 1
Belarus 1
Belgium 1
Cambodia 1
Dominican Republic 1 (**)
Estonia 1
Fiji 1
French Guiana 1
Georgia 1
Iraq 1
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1
Maldives 1 (*)
Nicaragua 1
Pakistan 1
Panama 1
Senegal 1
Slovakia 1
St. Vincent & Grenadines 1
Thailand 1
Ukraine 1
Uruguay 1
Zimbabwe 1

Maldives was a single-view country in May. Dominican Republic has been a single-view country two months running. There’s no countries that have gone four months in a row with one view each.

WordPress estimates that I published 21,504 words here in June, which is well down from May. It’s closer to the year’s average. This was 716.8 words per posting in June. It brings me to a total 123,499 words published for the whole year. And so my average words per post this year has grown to 682. I need some more Popeye reviews where I say nothing except how this was a Popeye cartoon after all.

Between the film version of The Music Man (1962) and the start of July WordPress records 241,944 page views here, from 139,076 unique visitors. I don’t know what I’ll do for my 250,000th page view, but that’s not something I’ll have to deal with for a couple months anyway.

If you’d like to be a regular reader, I don’t know how this article convinced you. But it’s a happy thought. All my posts are available on an RSS feed. And you won’t appear in my statistics in any way if you read that way. There are several ways to read RSS. This Old Reader is an option, for example, as is NewsBlur. Or you can sign up for a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Use or to add RSS feeds to your Reading or Friends page.

If you’d like to get new posts without typos corrected, you can sign up for e-mail delivery. Or if you have a WordPress account, you can use “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” to add this page to your Reader. Whatever works for you works for me. Thank you.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Statistics June: How In June 2021 Everyone Figured They Had Maybe A Bit Too Much Of Me”

    1. Aw, that’s rough. I’d like to offer advice about how to attract more people but I haven’t got a clear idea. And anyway my big growth period was in the early 2010s, which seems like a time that WordPress blogging at least was growing. The long-time bloggers I’ve compared notes with agree things seem to be in recession lately, or it might just be none of us know what we’re doing anymore.


  1. 🙂 You should not be too hard on yourself.


    Because incoming views will fluctuate; some months you will have lots of incoming views and other months the incoming views to your blog will be much lower.

    I have noticed that the majority of your incoming views come from the United States of America; maybe, you could write blog posts that people from that region would like (That was merely a suggestion and not something that you must do).

    In the meantime, keep doing what you do best!


    1. Thanks for the supportive words. I try not to worry much about fluctuations as I expect a fair amount of change. And the long-term trend seems to be steadily upward anyway, even if it’s not always as fast or as reliable as would address my insecurities.

      Almost all my readers are from the United States, yes, and I’m not surprised; the most popular thing I write is plot recaps of US-newspaper story comics. I could hardly expect anyone in (say) Bangladesh to care what Gil Thorp is up to, ever. It’s only bulk that makes anyone in the United States care.

      Not to worry, though; I have trouble dropping a habit once I’ve picked it up. I’ll keep doing this until I learn better.

      Liked by 1 person

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