Statistics July: What Comic Strips People Like Me Complaining About

It’s as good a time as any to look at the past month’s readership figures. It’s early in the month, by my standards, but what the heck.

In June the number of page views around here rose a bit from June’s relative low. This to 4,406 page views, which is below the twelve-month running mean of 5,546.0 for the year leading up to June. That’s an era that includes April 2021, when a picture of mine got cited on a Reddit thread, distorting my averages, though. When I compare it to the median, though, a figure much less likely to be distorted by extreme events? That’s also below the twelve-month running median, which was 4,996 page views in a month.

Bar chart of monthly readership figures for two and a half years' worth of the blog. July's shows a slight increase in views but decline in visitors from June. Both are below the twelve-month averages leading up to this, in part because of a large spike in October 2020.
You know, technical traders say I’m right at the natural floor so this is a great time to buy shares in Another Blog, Meanwhile. They expect a swing up to about 7500 views per month by the end of the year.

The number of unique visitors dropped to 2,362 in July. That’s below the running mean of 3,372.9, and below the running median of 3,036.5. I don’t know why so many people decided I wasn’t worth paying attention to this past month. I’m all right. I have more popular story strip plot recaps coming up this August. (And I suspect some of it is the lack of people coming here from my mathematics blog, which was all-but-silent in July.)

Unusually active, though? Likes. There were 165 likes given to any post here in July, above the running mean of 129.3 and running median of 129. And wildly active were comments. WordPress tells me there were 130 comments here in July, triple the twelve-month running mean of 43.1 and the median of 40.5. I haven’t had that talkative a month since January 2018; it’s been the sort of time that makes people wonder if Garrison and I can’t just text each other. We cannot. My phone is such an old-fashioned device that I include salutations and a signature with each text. I can’t communicate with people in any real fashion on it.

The most popular things posted in July were, for a wonder, not all comic strips news. Oh, an essay about why Funky Winkerbean angered everybody who reads Funky Winkerbean, sure. And some news about Vintage Mark Trail and Vintage Prince Valiant. But, like, one was just a bit of actual dialogue committed to text. Another was something that sounds like a clickbait title, so I’m glad people seem amused by it. Here’s the five most popular pieces from July:

I am startled that there’s no What’s Going On In … piece in the top five. I don’t know when’s the last time one of my usual story comic recaps wasn’t among my most popular pieces. (A June 2021 update on Judge Parker was popular, but that’s not a July piece.) The most popular regular story-comic update posted in July was the Gasoline Alley recap. That story with aliens and old-time-radio.

But to speak of the story comics summaries. I’m still doing story comics summaries. My plan for the next month is to take these comics in this order:

I’m pushing The Amazing Spider-Man a week “late” because, I think, this will let my summary come after the end of the current storyline. And that will be the final Spider-Man update, as this gets the strip back into stories I’ve already summarized. Yes, I’d probably do a better job recapping them, but you know what’s easier than a better job? Not working. I figure to just run a big blank space once every twelve weeks and feel happy about it. That will change if Spider-Man goes back into production, or starts running stories I haven’t already recapped.

Also the Gil Thorp recap will be an exciting challenge. I have not got the faintest recollection of anything that’s happened since the library governance story ended.

93 countries sent me any views at all. 22 of them were single-view countries. Here’s the roster:

Mercator-style map of the world, with the United States in dark red and most of the New World, western Europe, South and Pacific Rim Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in a more uniform pink.
I struggle to come up with a good alt text for this every month. It feels like anyone not seeing the image isn’t really missing anything.
Country Readers
United States 3,003
India 282
Canada 176
Greece 82
United Kingdom 82
Australia 71
Philippines 64
Brazil 56
Germany 53
Finland 46
Oman 33
South Africa 30
Spain 30
Italy 24
Ireland 19
Ecuador 18
Sweden 18
France 17
Netherlands 17
Russia 16
Mexico 13
Norway 11
Japan 10
Malaysia 9
Pakistan 9
Romania 9
Colombia 8
Hong Kong SAR China 8
New Zealand 8
Nigeria 8
Thailand 8
El Salvador 7
Argentina 6
Bahrain 6
Bangladesh 6
Chile 6
Czech Republic 6
Iraq 6
South Korea 6
China 5
Denmark 5
Israel 5
Portugal 5
Singapore 5
Taiwan 5
Bulgaria 4
Croatia 4
European Union 4
Indonesia 4
Mauritius 4
Belgium 3
Hungary 3
Puerto Rico 3
Turkey 3
Vietnam 3
Algeria 2
Jamaica 2
Jordan 2
Kenya 2
Lebanon 2
Libya 2
Montenegro 2
Nepal 2
Poland 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Serbia 2
Sudan 2
Switzerland 2
Trinidad & Tobago 2
Ukraine 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Austria 1
Barbados 1
Belarus 1 (*)
Dominican Republic 1 (***)
Egypt 1
Estonia 1 (*)
Guam 1
Iceland 1
Isle of Man 1
Kuwait 1 (*)
Kyrgyzstan 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
Madagascar 1
Morocco 1
Paraguay 1
Peru 1
Slovakia 1 (*)
Sri Lanka 1
St. Vincent & Grenadines 1 (*)
Zimbabwe 1 (*)

Belarus, Estonia, Kuwait, Slovakia, St Vincent & Grenadines, and Zimbabwe were all single-view countries in June also. Dominican Republic has been one view a month for four months now. I hope they really like whatever it is they choose to read.

WordPress figures I posted 25,348 words in July, for an average of 817.7 words per post. This is why I feel like I don’t have any time anymore. (It’s distorted by all those MiSTings, which are enormous but are also mostly written ages ago, and half of those by someone else.) July brings my words-per-posting for the year up to 702, the longest it’s been. I need to short some of these Popeye cartoons to make up the balance.

If you’d like to be a regular reader, thank you! You can get all these essays by their RSS feed, and never appear in my statistics. If you need an RSS reader, I can get you hooked up. This Old Reader is an option, for example, as is NewsBlur. Or you can sign up for a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Use or to add RSS feeds to your Reading or Friends page.

If you’d like to get new posts before I can correct their typos, you can sign up for e-mail delivery. (It’s impossible to get all the typos corrected.) Or if you have a WordPress account, you can use “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” to add this page to your Reader. And I am, the mathematics-themed instance of the Mastodon network. Thanks for reading, however you find most comfortable.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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    1. I can’t say I’ve seen any, no. But then so far as I can tell I have never gotten a hit from Greenland either. I know Greenland has about 22 people in it but you’d think one of them was curious what the heck was wrong with Funky Winkerbean.


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