TCM is showing a bunch of Fleischer Cartoons Saturday

I apologize for not providing more notice, but I only learned about this today. A few months ago TCM redesigned their web site so it’s harder to find stuff on the schedule, and it takes longer to load, and you need to do more clicks to find any information, and less of it is on-screen at once. I’m sure it is helping them drive engagement, though not with me.

The important thing, however, is that on Saturday the 2nd of October, from 8 pm through Midnight, Eastern/Pacific, they’re showing some Fleischer Studios work. They have listed the “Cartoon Carnival”, “100th Anniversary of Fleischer Animation – Part 1: The Silent Era”, and “100th Anniversary of Fleischer Animation – Part 1: The Silent Era”. (This on the United States feed.) The pages offer no specifics about what they’re showing. I assume the first is a documentary and then it’s a selection of cartoons from the 20s and 30s respectively. The Fleischers were a wild studio, reliably on the leading edge of technical ability. They were usually in the forefront of, if not character, at least having funny incidents. I’ve got the DVR set.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “TCM is showing a bunch of Fleischer Cartoons Saturday”

  1. Thanks for the notification, Joseph! Too bad I don’t have access to TCM, though I’ve watched a lot of Fleischer cartoons over the decades. You likely have Leonard Maltin’s great book on the Fleischers. I also found a copy of the A&E special that Maltin made about the studio, available on YouTube ( I always loved the Koko the Clown cartoons for their inventiveness and hijinks.


    1. Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t get the word out sooner. And now that whatever just showed (I haven’t had time to watch) has aired it’ll maybe become available on YouTube or the like. I do have Maltin’s book, and Cabarga’s. Feels like it’s about time for another serious study of the Fleischers although maybe blogs have eaten up the audience for that sort of thing.

      Great to see that A&E special, thank you. I didn’t know it was on YouTube. There’s so much I don’t think to look for …


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