Statistics November: How November 2021 Treated My Humor Blog

It’s the time of month I like to look at what my readership around here has been like. There’s a lot of things I do for curious reasons. November saw my readership decline, part of what seems like a long trend. I mean, I understand people not wanting to stick around while I’m rerunning so much writing, but I’ve been rerunning less lately.

Still, the bad news first. There were 4,229 page views here in November, from 2,367 unique visitors. They seem like big enough numbers, if you consider having that many people over for lunch. But compared to the twelve-month running averages? The arithmetic mean going into November was 5,332.3 views per month, and the median 4,844. The arithmetic mean was 3,197.5 unique visitors per month, and the median was 2,879.5.

Bar chart of two and a half years' worth of monthly readership figures. After a spike in April the readership has fluttered, with slight declines, through to October.
For once I’m not sitting at my computer ready to get statistics at exactly 11:59 pm UTC and see what it gets me? No fair, no fair at all.

Now to the good news. THe things that measure involvement seem to be up. 174 things got likes here in November, well above the running mean of 142.1 and the median of 136.5. And there were 63 comments, comfortably above the mean of 54.2 and median of 48.

There were 499 posts that got looked at over the course of November. The five most popular from November turned out to be the seven most popular, owing to a three-way tie for fifth:

More popular than anything from November was one October post: What’s Going On In The Phantom (weekdays)? Are we about to see the death of the 21st Phantom? . I am happy to have the story strips doing things that they want looked up. I’m tempted to bump Mary Worth ahead in the rotation. I so want to explore what the heck Mary Worth thinks is so great about Wilbur Weston anyway. Nobody really knows. My best guess is he has photos of her showing affection toward Dr Jeff.

But if I stick to my schedule for the story comics? That’s to have these plots explained, these dates:

And I try to keep all my story comic plot recaps at this link.

There were 77 countries that sent me readers in November. That’s a bit more than October, so, apparently I’m mildly interesting to a broader section of humanity. There were 13 single-view countries this month, compared to 14 the month before, so that mildness is a bit intensified too. So here’s the roster:

Mercator-style map of the world, with the United States in dark red and most of the New World, western Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in a more uniform pink.
So on the one hand, no readers from China in November. On the other, some readers from Iraq and Saudi Arabia, so that means something, right?
Country Readers
United States 2,969
India 247
United Kingdom 142
Australia 111
Canada 103
Philippines 59
Brazil 52
Germany 51
Italy 37
Ireland 30
Finland 25
Ecuador 23
France 22
Spain 22
Singapore 21
Sweden 20
South Africa 17
Malaysia 15
Russia 14
Norway 13
Denmark 12
Romania 12
Indonesia 11
Nigeria 11
Mexico 10
Netherlands 10
Chile 9
Thailand 9
Greece 8
Venezuela 8
Japan 7
New Zealand 7
Poland 7
Portugal 7
Trinidad & Tobago 7
Belgium 5
European Union 5
Fiji 5
Saudi Arabia 5
Serbia 5
United Arab Emirates 5
Argentina 4
Macedonia 4
South Korea 4
Bangladesh 3
Georgia 3
Hungary 3
Israel 3
Montenegro 3
Slovakia 3
Bahrain 2
Bulgaria 2
Croatia 2
Iraq 2
Jamaica 2
Jordan 2
Kuwait 2
Latvia 2
Pakistan 2
Peru 2
Qatar 2
Sri Lanka 2
Turkey 2
Zimbabwe 2
American Samoa 1
Austria 1
Colombia 1
Dominican Republic 1
Egypt 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Lebanon 1
Malta 1
Panama 1
Papua New Guinea 1
Switzerland 1
Taiwan 1
Ukraine 1 (*)

Ukraine is the only single-view country two months running. Also I had a hundred more views from India in November than in October, for some reason.

WordPress’s calculation is that I published 22,935 words in November, bringing my total for the year to 250,507. This was an average 764.5 words per posting in November, and 750 words per post all year. All those MiSTings, that’s what it must be.

Between the first Christmas episode of game show Press Your Luck I’ve posed 3,225 things to this blog. They’ve gathered 263,690 views from 150,999 unique visitors. WordPress thinks I have 1,383 followers, which implies I ought to have had at minimum 41,490 views this past month. Just observing.

If you’d like to read these posts regularly you can add my RSS feed to your reader. If you need an RSS reader can get one at This Old Reader or at NewsBlur. Or you can sign up for a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal and use their friends pages. Use or to add RSS feeds, not just mine, there.

Or you can add this to your WordPress reading page, by clicking the “Follow Another Blog, Meanwhile” sticker on the upper right corner of the page. You can also have the posts sent by e-mail to you as they’re published. I understand my dad likes that options.

And thank you for whatever kind of interaction we have here.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Statistics November: How November 2021 Treated My Humor Blog”

  1. I’m sorry,I try to be as unique as I can every time I visit your site for example as I’m writing I’m standing on my head while quoting Groucho Marx…I think I just invented Excedrin Headache #5547652.


    1. Oh, no, you’re doing a great job being unique every time, don’t worry. In fact you do it without even having to try, Heraclitus tells me, in the exact same conversation we have every time we meet up.


  2. Please, oh please, bump Mary Worth to the front of the line! The message they’re pushing right now is beyond awful (that it’s Estelle’s job to “fix” Wilbur because “he’s a good guy” deep, deep, DEEP down). The cat had the right of it.


    1. I am thinking about it! Or at least doing a special fill-in piece. The relentless pushing of Wilbur as a Nice Guy, Actually, has been just weird. Like, I get that everyone in the comic has to get into heterosexual monogamous pair-bonding as fast as possible. But the strip has allowed people to break up before, and find better partners, even just since my plot recaps started.

      I can see a case for Wilbur as a person who might be likable. He’s got an interesting job that gives him good reason to travel around the world. He’s sustaining a job as a newspaper columnist in this media climate. He’s into music, both singing and playing instruments. I grant this is thin stuff, but for as little of him as we see any day? It suggests a person who does interesting things and doesn’t mind if other people think he looks foolish. That’s good!

      But gads, his insecurities put him into this just intolerable spiral. It seems odd that he’s so bad at this, when he’s literally an advice columnist and we can infer a successful one, but, it is always easier to spot and diagnose other people’s problems, so I accept that as characterization.

      That Mary Worth the character sees this as amusing quirks rather than, you know, something he has to fix is weird. Especially as fixing relationship problems is so much her thing. Especially now that she’s seen him, with that whole karaoke night battle. Mary Worth coming to realize she didn’t understand this side of Wilbur would be a good, believable direction for this to go. But I don’t feel like the story is leading that way.


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