Why Aren’t You Talking About What’s Going on in Mark Trail?

It’s nothing too personal and it’s not anything I have against Jules Rivera’s Mark Trail. It’s more that I’ve had a very annoying couple of days and not been in the head space to talk about fun stuff like idiots trying to get mauled by tigers and elephants.

Some of that’s personal and I feel like maybe keeping that private for once. But some of it is also Comics Kingdom has decided the bit where they claim that “once you are subscribed, you will no longer see ads on the site” was a good funny joke and instead, they’re just going to keep showing advertisements.

Screenshot of the top of a Comics Kingdom Favorites page showing an advertisement banner at its top.
I first noticed this last week. It might have been going longer, but it’s so hard to notice an advertising banner existing that I can’t swear to it.

I’ve filed bug reports with them, of course. And they’ve e-mailed back to say they’re working on the problem. Now, we’re in the ninth month of Sunday strips such as The Lockhorns, Prince Valiant, and The Phantom being unreadable on their Favorites page, and they haven’t been able to figure out how to solve the problem, even when I have told them exactly how to fix the problem on eight separate occasions. So they’re working without any credibility here.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

5 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Talking About What’s Going on in Mark Trail?”

  1. It’s Comics Kingdom.
    There’s a short HBO series called “Saving the King” that explains very well why a Kingdom doesn’t work in the modern world.
    It doesn’t explain why Juan Carlos killed his brother, but that’s pretty much impossible, short of a deathbed confession.


    1. I mean, I know it’s Comics Kingdom, but it’s also not like it’s literally a kingdom, it’s just a place founded by a guy named King, of the Royal Mounted. They should have procedures in place for all this stuff.

      Anyway I think we need to bring back the Philadelphia Inquirer’s old comics page, where you could look at anything you wanted, order it however you wanted, pick any date you wanted, and look at a week’s worth of comics at a glance if you wanted.


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