Statistics Saturday: Most Recent Mentions of Things in Peanuts

(An incomplete list.)

Thing Most Recent Appearance
Arthroscopic Surgery November 30, 1987
Astronaut Scott Carpenter June 28, 1962
Beethoven April 15, 1999
Billie Jean King January 30, 2000
Boyne Falls, Michigan July 7, 1975
Christo November 20, 1978
Connecticut October 29, 1961
Daffy Duck January 30, 2000
Davy Crockett March 8, 1956
Disco Fever October 19 1978
E-mail April 27, 1996
Flying Ace November 28, 1999
Fussbudgets September 30, 1987
Joe Biden May 24, 1993
Joe Garagiola May 21, 1991 (with a mention in the repeat of December 10, 1997)
Joe Schlabotnik January 3, 1997
Mascot Costumes March 29, 1983
Mickey Mouse September 5, 1999
Raccoons March 3, 1979
Rod McKuen October 3, 1969
Singapore October 15, 1961
Spuds Mackenzie October 12, 1987
Stage Fright April 2, 1989
Tear Gas July 7, 1970
Tilt-a-Whirl June 3, 1971

Reference: Skyscraper: The Search for an American Style, 1891-1941, Roger Shepherd.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “Statistics Saturday: Most Recent Mentions of Things in Peanuts”

    1. He was, yes! That’s Rerun Van Pelt, originally introduced in 1972 and forgotten for most of the 80s. Schulz revitalized him in the late 90s, particularly, part of the renaissance in the last years of the strip. One of his recurring ambitions when not hiding from school was ‘underground’ comics, like one where Tarzan is raised by apes in the mall ( ).


  1. Cool! I remember Rerun, in the comics he was always in his Mom’s bicycle’s bucket seat,criticizing her biking skills. Not sure if he ever made it to animation.

    Was Schulz in the process of rebooting any of the other also-ran early characters when he died?

    Did you ever try to copy the menu from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” for your holiday meal?


    1. Rerun did get animated a couple times, in some of the 70s shorts, and then again in the Saturday morning cartoon series. He also had a few little parts in 90s specials like It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown''. And that Stephen Pastis-written one,I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown” was about Rerun’s ongoing search for a dog. I don’t know what role he’s had in modern Peanuts animations; apart from that movie a couple years ago I haven’t seen any.

      I don’t think there were any other also-run characters getting a new start when Schulz died, although Spike was getting chances to interact with Olaf and Andy that were giving him new stuff to do.

      I did not try to copy the menu for our holiday meal, but I did make a lot of popcorn to watch the special, so that’s at least visiting the neighborhood.


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