Of Course if He Were a Deer We Could Still Call the Show _Bob Newhart_

Sorry, I’m just extremely thrilled that the Institute for Pop Culture Research has awarded me a grant to study how it is Filmation never made a funny-animal version of The Bob Newhart Show. Over a decade of theory tells us they should have made one, most likely around 1979-81, probably with the central character as a flustered domestic cat named Bob Mewhart.

The Institute were very impressed with my hypothesis that Filmation might have had a hard time thinking of a funny animal name for Bob Newhart’s secretary, because in the days before search engines and the Internet Movie Database it was hard to think of what exactly her name was. “Marsha” keeps getting in the way of remembering, and that’s not the name of the character, that’s the name of actor Marcia Wallace remembered wrong. If anyone had at the right moment whispered “Carol Kestrel” to Norm Prescott all pop culture history could have been about the same, really.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “Of Course if He Were a Deer We Could Still Call the Show _Bob Newhart_”

  1. My take is that Bob Mewhart would be a stammering bobcat with a German accent. The show would have to be a Filmation/Disney production so Mr Peterson could be Piglet. Mr Carlin could be a bald lion with an obvious toupee mane. Howard Borden a wacky next door coatimundi. Excellent thought experiment.

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    1. OK, so this has got me aware that John Fiedler has a shallower history as a voice actor than I would have imagined, because wouldn’t you expect he’d have got pulled into at least the Total TV orbit of voice recording? Also that he was in an episode of Columbo, although I doubt he was high-profile enough to be the murderer. I mean, imagine him responsible for a despicable killing? It doesn’t make sense?


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