There Might Be Something Weird and Dick Tracy-Based on TCM Tonight

I owe my love thanks for noticing this. Turner Classic Movies is running a series of Dick Tracy movies from the 40s today, from 8 pm Eastern. None of them are long and the last of them has Boris Karloff so you won’t be sorry spending time there, at least. And it may help you catch up on obscure references for the daily comic strip.

But the interesting thing to me is what’s listed for 10:30 pm Eastern. It’s titled Dick Tracy Special: Tracy Zooms In. TCM’s web site offers no information about what it is and the page for it pretends there is no such thing. What it appears to be is a thing Warren Beatty does every several years, doing a performance as Dick Tracy, in order to retain the movie rights. So I don’t know what to expect other than “a thing that keeps a contract option alive”, which we’ve always known as our best entertainment value.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

2 thoughts on “There Might Be Something Weird and Dick Tracy-Based on TCM Tonight”

    1. It was a curious bit; Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy zoom-chatted with Ben Mankiewicz and Leonard Maltin, talking about Dick Tracy performers of the past and about how generally disappointed he was that Warren Beatty was ghosting him. Maltin figured a way to get Warren Beatty as Warren Beatty in on the zoom call, and Beatty and Tracy had a reconciliation about some misunderstandings and regrets about the movie. In the end, they’re at a restaurant talking new movie prospects. (Which, I saw someone pointing out, can’t be done without Beatty’s approval now until at least 2027, when the character falls into public domain. Although I don’t know how that interacts with trademark law. Even in the most permissive case it’d only let the initial year’s characters be used, so, no Flattop or Mumbles or BO Plenty or the like.)


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