Wait, you can just pop Snuffy Smith’s head off like it was nothing?

This changes everything!

Loweezy: 'Lawsy me!! Whar am I? What happent?' Circus Ringmaster: 'You fainted, madam --- you looked inthe tiger cage and - PLOP!! - out you went.' Loweezy: 'SHORE --- now I reckymember! I had me a dretful vision --- I thought I seen my man Snuffy standin' thar wifout no punkin' haid' Ringmaster: 'Oh, SURE!! He lost his head, lady, but he's okay ... BOTH OF HIM!' Loweezy, looking in the tiger cage 'I SWOW! Ye shore had me scairt thar fer a secont, paw.' Snuffy's inside the cage, his detached head on the ground, drinking from the jug of corn squeezings that his body holds in its hands.
Fred Lasswell’s Barney Google and Snuffy Smith for the 19th of October, 1948, reprinted the 30th of March, 2023. This is at least as exciting as the time in the vintage Wizard of Id comics where the King of Id spent a week being a rooster.

Seriously, I have been reading this comic my entire life and I had no idea you could take his head off and, I assume, put it back on and everything would be fine. Why are we piddling around these days with stories where Snuffy helps Barney Google get over a woman dumping him when we could be seeing which characters can take off which of their appendages and still carry on their business? I’m not telling John Rose how to do his business, but I am saying we’re missing many possibilities in not making human jigsaw puzzles out of the cast.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

6 thoughts on “Wait, you can just pop Snuffy Smith’s head off like it was nothing?”

    1. Oh, there’s so many things I’d like to see explored in this detached-head storyline and yeah, all the various animal stars of the strip are part of them. Unfortunately if the resolution of the magic-transformation-words story is a guide they’ll just suddenly stop one time and never get back to it.


  1. Maybe that’s the answer to your observation that the neighbor and the teacher were the same person…they are two people, but they just pass the same head back and forth. Hopefully Mr Rose is still monitoring your blog and he’ll fill in the answers.


    1. This could be! And, you know, I think there was one time John Rose left a comment here so maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to explore this weird fun side of Snuffy Smith again.


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