Poking Around The Body Shop When You’re Getting Old

You know you’re becoming an adult when you go browsing at the Body Shop, and you spend some time looking over the newest stuff, but. Yeah, the webbed hands are always kind-of desirable. Wireless ear hotspots. The extreme-heat-resistant tongue, just great for those most extreme coffees. Laser nostrils. In-wrist bag-of-holding pouches. A detachable belly button that you can leave at home when you’re afraid of losing it.

And then you go down and put “non-squeaking knees” down on your wish list. That’s when adulthood is getting to you.

You know you’re really old when you don’t even care that they’ve got finally got eyestalks this year that work right.

Statistics Saturday: Where I Am Ticklish

Place Am I Ticklish There?
The belly Yes.
Armpits Hoo yeah.
Knees Yup.
Lower Back Yes, really.
Shoulder Blades Honest.
Hair Don’t roll your eyes. It’s true.
West Virginia What? I’ve been tickled there.
Wrists Well, I am very ticklish.
Forehead Not so much, there, actually.