Statistics Saturday: Fake Charts By Type

Chart types: Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Pictographs, Spiral Graphs, Flowcharts, and Stem-and-Leaf Plots which ARE TOO a thing for real. But barely real.
Spiral charts are the ones that are really pie charts except the radius gets bigger or smaller for some reason and I don’t know but Florence Nightingale used this to explain to Parliament that people kept dying in the Crimean War because nobody was trying “medicine” and “sanitation” on people who were shot and Parliament could understand that subtle concept better if it was pictures. We’ve come so far since then.

Not included: maps where someone made the hilarious political joke of showing the last election’s results exactly match the results of where supervillain Lord Destrostecles rampaged through with his Stupid Ray last year. But we appreciate their contributions to things that aren’t really comedy or satire or commentary or anything besides an argument on social media.