How Far Ahead Of Publication Does The Guy Who Draws _Marvin_ Work?

I apologize for not having a report on The Amazing Spider-Man comics today. The time I’d wanted to use for that had to go to other things this week. My throat is still sore from hollering about all those things. Don’t worry. The things will be fine. My throat will too, most likely. It’s been through worse. I hope to have Spidey for you tomorrow, at this link.

Meanwhile, in reading Tom Armstrong’s Marvin yesterday, I discovered something. I am not a great gardener. I think the last thing I can say I definitely grew successfully was in elementary school. We had that project where you put lima beans in a styrofoam cup. Inside a few weeks we had stringy, floppy, tangled masses of lima bean vine. This proved the important lesson that if you had a vegetable you wouldn’t eat, all it took was a few weeks and you’d get a plant that other people could make produce more of that vegetable. I keep realizing there’s stuff about elementary school I don’t understand.

Mr Marvin's Dad, to his wife, who's got several trays of flowers: 'I can't believe you're going to try it again this year. Face it, Jenny ... you're not a gardener, you're a serial flower-killer.'
I’ll check but will a gardening store even sell you Purple Spirograph Doodles this time of year?

Anyway this teaches me at least two things. One is that I am a better gardener than Mrs Marvin’s Mom is, since I wouldn’t try planting flowers in the middle of August. The other is that the guy who draws Marvin must have been in a gardening store and had this great idea about “a serial flower-killer” pop in his head. And he wasn’t going to sit on that joke for a year. So Marvin is being written about four months ahead of publication.

Statistics Saturday: The Time of Writing

Time Self-Evaluation
2 Days Before Publication I have no idea what to write
1 Day Before Publication I will never know what to write
12 Hours Before Publication I may never be able even to read again
6 Hours Before Publication Anything would be better than writing
3 Hours Before Publication This might be a marginally acceptable thing to write
2.5 Hours Before Publication This might be the best thing I’ve ever written
2.25 Hours Before Publication This might be the best thing anybody’s ever written
2 Hours Before Publication It’s sad but at least it will do
1 Hour Before Publication I hope nobody I know will read this
30 Minutes Before Publication Maybe I can hide this from everyone
15 Minutes Before Publication With some context maybe they won’t think too much worse of me
5 Minutes After Publication Please nobody mention it to me
25 Minutes After Publication This isn’t too bad after all
2 Hours After Publication Why aren’t people praising me for this?
3 Hours After Publication Why aren’t people praising me more for this?
1 Day After Publication Oh, yeah, that’s why
3 Days After Publication I guess it didn’t break anything to write that
2 Months After Publication Some alien entity using my body must have written this
2 Months, 5 Minutes After Publication That alien entity’s good enough, how can I make it work for me again?